Saturday, August 9, 2008

Will Denise Richards Reality TV Show Get Bleeped Off The Air

Denise Richards' reality television show is confronting the axe because of decreasing viewer numbers, through various media reports. "Denise Richards: It's Complicated" was established on E! in the beginning of this year & was an overnight hit, permitting the viewing audience a glance into the star's life with her two daughters with ex Charlie Sheen. But informants claim the manner in which she dealt with her public conflict with Charlie Sheen throughout the custody of Lola, 3, & Sam, 2, has turned the television audience off. An informant tells a media magazine, "The totals took off reasonably nice, approximately over 1.5 million tuned into the opening sequence. But the audience has dropped down. Denise has became an unlikeable bleeping reality star." Richards' unfit language on the television broadcast has also infuriated the public. The informant contributes, "the viewing audience were fed up that a mother of two young girls would utilize such revolting words."

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