Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jessica Alba Upset With Media For Disclosing Wedding Plans

Jessica Alba has sounded out at celebrity media pundits, charging the journalists for destroying her wedding declaration by reporting on her wedding ceremony prior to telling her parents. Alba wedded Cash Warren in a subdued ceremonial occasion at the Beverly Hills Courthouse in City of the Angels on May 19, only weeks prior to giving birth to the pair's 1st baby, daughter Honor Marie, in June. The actress was ravaged when news of the marriage leaked out and her mother and father had to find out about it from a news reporter. She tells a celebrity magazine: "The individual who assisted us in ratifying the marriage papers told the media that day, therefore my mother and father discovered it from a journalist before we reached them. We were preparing to take them out to dinner and let them know, but that got destroyed. "I was hurt, in all probability, than anything. It's not the 1st time something like that has occurred. News reporters feel ennobled to do whatsoever to get a stunning story, disregarding how it touches on the person affected. We are not actually people, right? We are only famous person's." And although Alba has consecrated not to allow the negative attention to burden her eight-month-old daughter, she acknowledges she's become ferociously caring of little Honor.
Editors comment: Just for curiosity have any readers remembered any negative attention when they were eight months old?

Miley Cyrus Admits Her Feelings About Her Father

Teenage star Miley Cyrus states she's annoyed by people who believe there's something inappropriate with the attachment she has with her dad, singer Billy Ray Cyrus. "The celebity gossip informants have stated a lot of things about my father and me being overly close and in addition to being too cuddlesome for a father and a daughter," the 16-year-old actress-singer publishes in 'Miles To Go', a new memoir. "My relationship with my father is not uncanny the least bit." Cyrus's memoir, scripted with Hilary Liftin, will be released the following month by Disney-Hyperion Books. She doesn't cite straightaway last year'sphoto sitting for Vanity Fair magazine, as she's depicted leaning back against her dad, with his arm about her shoulder,with the two of them somber and bare-armed - a picture numerous people established as suggestive. Only she does write that she loves her dad and, isn't scared to demonstrate it, and "we don't allow other people to order us on what looks we're reckoned to feature on our faces when we take a photograph with each other!". Recognizing that popularity unavoidably draws unfavorable judgment, she drops a line of being offened by disparaging remarks published about her on the World Wide Web and reasons that some people are "so full of anger, hate and resentment."
Editors comment: There's nothing wrong with her expressing her true feelings about her father.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jennifer Love Hewitt Does Pushups On Leno Show

The actress Jennifer Love Hewitt accomplished 10 pushups prior to host Jay called to her attention that she was displaying a lot of cleavage than she had meant to. And Jennifer, who observes her thirtieth birthday on Saturday, promptly wrapped up in mock repugnance. The actress dropped down to the floor when Jay cued her of a promise established on the show 2 years ago, that she would manage 10 of the chest-enhancing workouts next time she came out. And she disclosed that she spent Valentine’s nighttime with her lady friends, having lately broken up from her boyfriend Ross McCall.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Katy Perry Denies Dating Benji Madden

Katy Perry has laughed away accounts she's going out with Paris Hilton's ex Benji Madden, taking a firm stand she's only "good friends" with the rock 'n' roll musician. She was seen getting near Benji Madden at Las Vegas nightspot Lavo on Valentine's Day (14Feb09). World Wide Web gossips were ready to connect the couple as they both had of late broke up from their various partners. Katy recently broke-up with superstar Travis McCoy. Hilton and rock 'n' roll musician Madden departed their separate ways in November of 2008. Only the singer was fast to brush aside the rumors, stating she and Madden comprised part of a 25-strong crowd savoring a drunken nighttime out.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Paris Hilton Has A Certain Kind Of Love For Kylie Minogue

The heiress has acknowledged to experiencing a girl-on-girl infatuation on 40-year-old princess Kylie Minogue an Australian pop singer. Paris conceded, “I have not met her simply I love her. "She's so hot.” Only in that respect bad news also, Kylie has prompted her 2nd record album. Paris's 1st appearance was a washout only the wannabe star has not been dishearten. She summed up: “My entire record album was truly instigated by Kylie Minogue. "I love her, I love her music and I desired to make a dance record album. "I composed every song on the record album.”

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Scarlett Johansson Denies Being Like Marilyn Monroe

Scarlett Johansson has pushed aside comparings to the belated Marilyn Monroe, taking a firm stand she partakes really little with the silver screen Delilah. Johansson was compared to Marilyn Monroe after an ad campaign for Dolce & Gabbana was disclosed last month, in which the actress models temptingly over silk bedsheets donning only a corset. But the star is firm that she was not seeking to convey Monroe in the snapshots. She explains, "We truly were not attempting to revive any specific look-alike. It represented merely their thought of the iconic blonde, and of course people believe that's Marilyn Monroe.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Are Kate Hudson And Owen Wilson Dating

Are Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson back together. The onetime lovers, who have weathered a disruptive relationship since they 1st began going out in 2006, are 'happier than ever', with one insider mentioning Owen's 'new-found maturity' as among the major causes for the reunification. The informants likewise state the couple have held the relationship quiet for months afterquietly rekindling their love affair in November. One stated: "they've forever been admirers but chose to give matters another turn a few months ago and at present they're nearer than ever. "Owen is so pleased he's acquired an additional opportunity of bringing about their relationship for the green light. "He was the one and only who started their original split up which was something he shortly repented and part of the cause he attempted to finish his life."

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Drew Barrymore Believes Tongue Piercing Scares Men

Actress Drew Barrymore is faulting her recent tongue piercing for her deficiency of male relationships. The motion picture knockout received the dreadful ornamental routine after breaking up from her ex-boyfriend, comedy actor Justin Long,this past summer. And while Drew's enchanted with her jeweled mouthpiece , she dreads possible suitors are switched off by it. She disclosed on Ellen Degeneres' talk show, "I've had it for 9 months, I acquired it and I've been single ever since. I do not understand what the problem is with that. "I fortunately did it for myself. I had forever cherished to acquire one."

Monday, February 9, 2009

Jennifer Aniston Saves Voice Messages As Love Letters

Actress Jennifer Aniston has disclosed she saves voicemails from previous boyfriends, including her onetime husband Brad Pitt. Jennifer stated, "I nonetheless hold the cassette recordings of messages from my 1st boyfriend, my 2nd boyfriend, and my exhusband. "It is similar to keeping love letters." We are not for certain if Brad's recent missis Angelina Jolie will be overly delighted more or less of Jennifer's disclosures.

Jessica Simpson Gets Confused On Her Lyrics At Concert

Jessica Simpson dismayed her fans at a concert in Michigan last Thursday night with numerous onstage errors, with the wannabe country singer finally walking away in tears. The 40minute appearance was diffused with awkward mistakes that finally pressured her to say sorry to the onlookers. Reportedly she had to struggle with her in-ear sound monitoring devices during the musical entertainment and appeared to have lost her place in various songs, blanking out the lyrics to her late single "Come on Over." The singer likewise broke off during the introduction to her "Pray Out Loud" song asking her band to begin again prior to articulating silently the word "sorry" to the audience, telling the audience, "My voice is feeble this night." While presenting her ending song, "Do You Know," Jessica acknowledged wanting to leave the stage" and at the close of the performance, she gave thanks to her band for "accepting her back," before seemingly to have departed in tears. Jessica put the reason for her mistakes were caused by nerves and later on acknowledged she almost ended her singing vocation after the incident.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Miley Cyrus Upsets Her Asian Fans

An organization defending America’s Asian community have asked Miley Cyrus to apologize for a “tantalizing” and “disdainful” picture that leaked out onto the World Wide Web. In the photo 16-year-old Miley, boyfriend Justin Gaston and additional buddies draw their eyes in a taunting style as they pose with an Asiatic acquaintance. A representive for The Organization of Chinese American (OCA) stated, “Not only has Miley Cyrus and the additional persons in the photo promoted and legitimatized the razzing and taunting of citizens of Asian ancestry, she's as well dissed her numerous Asian Pacific American devotees. “We trust that Miley Cyrus will apologize to her devotees and the APA community for this backslide in opinion and accepts the chance to better interpret how come the action is revolting.”

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Paris Hilton Will Tell Us How To Help The Economy

Paris Hilton has assured the public she will help the sputtering world economic system by performing what she performs as most beneficial and that is going shopping. The multi-millionaire acknowledges her net worth hasn't been impacted by the recent international fiscal crisis, with a lot of promoters nevertheless compensating her thousands of dollars only to establish a showing at certain nightspots. And Paris is assuring that she can give the retail industry a hike by carrying on her extravagant spending. She states to a British magazine, "It is truly scary regarding the economic crisis at present. Therefore the way I am doing my part in assisting is doing a lot of buying wherever I go."

Gwyneth Paltow Likes To Show Off Her Sexy Figure

gwyneth_paltrow_15 Gorgeous Gwyneth Paltrow flaunts her voluptuous legs in a sensational set of photographs to show she is no goody two-shoes. As though you could not have imagined by her late inclination for short skirts and stunning heels, or the sexy shots from her recent motion picture Two Lovers, Gwyneth is attempting to zest up her persona. And the 36-year-old blonde, who will deliver an honor at next week’s Grammys. I am in all likelihood less straightforward than people believe.” To demonstrate the point, Gwyneth then discussed smoking, boozing and sexual activity.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Mischa Barton Dons Off Her Assets In Italian Magazine

Mischa Barton maybe clambering to resurrect her Hollywood vocation, only she is on top form posing for sexy magazine covers. The actress wears merely a jacket on her upper half in her most recent photograph modeling, affording subscribers a great deal to gape at. Mischa flaunts her impressive cleavage on the front of Italian Feb. issue of Jack.

Have Jennifer Aniston And John Mayer Split Up

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer have reportedly terminated their relationship permanently, after the pop singer was allegedly seen smooching a different female. The pair features the center of developing gossip regarding the state of their relationship in late weeks, due to online newsmongers writing contradictory accounts over whether they've really splitup or not. Aniston and Mayer broke up at the close of last summer after many months of going out, only rekindled their romance in Oct, with the actress laying claim that they were not able to keep one's distance from one another after the separation. Only their love affair appears as if it may be over once more, according to a celebrity gossip magazine. The magazine lays claim that Mayer was witnessed savoring a cozy date with a adult female in Santa Monica, California on Wed night. An informant stated to the magazine, "They apparently were on a date. He went out with her a different time also and I have viewed them out together. He gave her a passionate kiss prior to them leaving.