Sunday, February 28, 2010

Brazilians wish that Paris Hilton's recent beer advertisement would be completely gotten rid of. A government representative for woman's affairs states the commercial "devaluates women, especially blondes". Paris is caught rubbing a can of Devassa across her torso while being photographed by a voyeur. A representative states: "The trouble with the advertisement isn't a deficiency of apparel, only its sensual nature. A woman in a two-piece on a beach isn't inevitably sensual; it hinges on the circumstance." Brazil's advertisement agency will determine whether the ad is prohibited.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Burglars Targeted Paris Because They Thought She Was Dumb

Burglars focused in on Paris Hilton since they believed she was "dense" and her house would be easy to bust into. The adolescent "Bling Ring" then bust into the heiress's Los Angeles residence using a key she left behind below the mat. Paris Hilton did not yet realize she had been burglarized till the gang struck once more 2 months afterward, seizing 1.8 million in hard currency and jewelry. Looter Nick Prugo, 18, states: "Who would keep the door open and a bunch of cash lying around? Stupid." Prugo is among 6 children confronting a long time in jail for breaking into celebritie's homes including Orlando Bloom and Lindsay Lohan.