Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Paula Abdul Opening A Fashion Line For Dogs

Paula Abdul is preparing to introduce a apparel line for dogs. She has numerous pet doggies,and is determined to design a chain of undivided accessories for coddled animals. An informant stated, "Paula is secretly establishing a new commercial enterprise, designing accessories for posh fidos. She's already met with major pet store businesses who are reaching at the collar to manage her designs." The onetime pop star is considered to be making crystal-studded collars and leashes, tee shirt's, sweaters and shoes for canines. Paula is therefore positive the idea will be a smash, she desires her darling pets to star in the advertisement campaigns for her new line. The informant contributed to a celebrity tabloid, "Paula has pledged that her own 5 doggies will fashion model for all her television and print advertisements." Paula's dog would not be the 1st renowned dog to commence a fashion career. Elle Macpherson's dog has reportedly contracted a five-figure deal to become the expressions of dog fashion label

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Megan Fox Reveals Some Secrets About Herself

Megan Fox was interviewed on a television late night show when she disclosied she's fearful of the dark, she disclosed that she believes in ghosts and can not tolerate touching dry paper. She conceded: "I have been frightened of the dark all my entire life. "I allow the lights to be on day in and day out and if the light is not on, I am running across the room to get to the light switch. I can not tolerate walking through a dark room. I am frightened of what I can not see." The sensational actress also disclosed she retains a cupful of water alongside her while she's reading to get over her eccentric hatred of paper. "A few people do not care for fingernails over a blackboard since it leaves them with goosebumps," she contributed.
"I do not care for dry paper. Playscripts, newsprints or anything that's not plastic coated, I have to maintain wetting my fingertips with my tongue.
"If I am reading I have a cupful of water to douse my fingers in. I am truly neurotic."

Monday, September 21, 2009

Tori Spelling Does'nt Like The Telephone

Actress Tori Spelling is frightened of phones, she's disclosed. The onetime ‘Beverly Hills 90210’actress acknowledges she can't conduct a conversation by regular telecommunication equipment and has to depend on her Blackberry to maintain contact with acquaintances and family. She stated: “I do not like the telephone. I recognize I am peculiar, merely I am frightened of the telephone. “I transmit and receive with my Blackberry, it's spared my life. My hubby Dean detests it, only I have to keep it with me all the time.” Tori Spelling also disclosed she does'nt have the income to continually baby her kids. The actress who was given a ridiculous sum of money in her belated millionaire TV producer father Aaron Spelling’s will stated: “Afforded my fiscal state of affairs, as it endures, the lone affair I can genuinely spoil them with is love and that is the most crucial affair, so I've no troubles with that!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jessica Simpson Gives Up Hunt For Her Pooch

Jessica Simpson has canceled the hunt for her pooch. Multi-poo Daisy was abducted by a coyote just ahead of the singer's eyes out of doors by her Los Angeles domicile last week. Jessica put up a payoff for the bringing back of her darling doggy whom she laid claim days earlier was gay on her Twitter webpage. Her representative stated: "They called off the hunt and are not going on with it at this time. There are no more leads." She summed up: "They needed to sense they afforded their best attempts. They felt probabilities were unlikely from the start. "Evidently, coyotes are quite a problem in that vicinity."

Monday, September 14, 2009

Taylor Swift Treated Rudely By Kanye West At VMA 2009

The 1st winner of the VMA awards, Taylor Swift for best female video recording, was a victim as she was impolitely and rapidly disrupted by Kanye West, who broke off her award's speech. He grabbed the microphone from her to proclaim that associate candidate Beyoncé had "among the greatest video recordings ever," in "Single Ladies." "Taylor states she was up on the stage and she was truly emotional since she merely acquired the honor and so she was genuinely excited since Kanye West got on stage," Taylor remembered afterwards. "She was not excited any longer after that." For her part, Beyoncé seemed aghast by the tumultuous disturbance and the crowd hissed the rapper. Off-camera, once West went back to his place, the audience dedicated a still-stunned Swift a supporting ovation. Afterward, West, who was snapped indulging what appeared like booze on the red-carpet, wasn't in his place at Radio City Music Hall. A security guard states the rapper departed the locale and wouldn't be permitted to return inside.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Megan Fox Says She Will Not Do A Sex Tape

Megan Fox will not be acting the lead in a sex tape anytime soon. The actress has promised not to record herself acting the feat because it will put her off nookie for a lifetime. Megan stated: "yuck, never! That's the final matter I wish to envision - what I appear like having sexual activity. "It would take one scene of me not appearing good and I would never have sex again, as I'd forever see myself appearing like a hippopotamus having sex." The actress likewise said she can not see herself disrobing for the screen and going naked in the name of her fine art. "Virtually all I have left are my privates and I do not need to share them with the human race. I would like to keep them secret. That's how come they are named that."