Friday, October 31, 2008

Another Season Of Reality Bleeps By Denise Richards

It appears that reality star Denise Richards is ready to start shooting a 2nd season of her reality television program "It's Complicated" after television network honchos granted her the initiative for an additional series. Denise Richards television comeback had at onetime been in question amid stories the program had been called off after getting miserable watching numbers. Denise shot back at the accusations by taking a firm stand television executives at E cleared an additional season after over a month before an official determination had been arrived at. Only she may at once breathe a sigh of comfort after the decision was corroborated this last Wednesday.
Editors Comment: If the audience viewers are not watching these programs, why do they keep on promoting reality programs? Is it cheap entertainment for people who have pay television? And that's no bleep!

Charlize Theron Toasted Jay Leno On His Talk Show

Last month in September on an interview with The Tonight Show With Jay Leno she sang Queen, spoke filthy and beckoned so long to the distinctive A-list crowd. The host sounded off their talk by providing the actress a Margarita. Merely her deficiency of niceness led him to inquire, “Did you already consume one offstage?" She answered, “Perhaps, possibly. I enjoy that we have a bit of custom, me and you.” Jay connected in with her elation, contributing, “We're one and the same. We only get intoxicated.” Charlize then acquired a nip, stating, “Let me determine if this makes up the genuine deal. Dang! That's good.”

Jessica Biel Regrets Posing For Nude Pics

Actress Jessica Biel sorrows being squeezed into bare breasted photographs for a gentlemen's magazine. The actress states she was swayed to model for the naughty images in 2000 to cast off her saintly persona. Only she acknowledges she at present regrets going along with the photoshoot. She states, "It was reputed to help me appear more sexy and more grownup." The thought was, view me I'm an adult female, thriving upwards. I had male managing director's at the time, who comprised being genuinely charged up regarding the photoshoot. "The fact is, I felt I went too far. I recollect phoning my father and stating, "I goofed up. I went excessively far and didn't stick up for myself."
Editor's comment: I wonder if this had been a going naked and furless for PETA photography shoot would Jessica Biel have felt the same way? Would she have made the same statements?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Paris Hilton And Her Manager Break Up

It is rumored that Paris Hilton and longtime manager Jason Moore have broken up. Moore had staged the heiress for ten years, only he's walked off from his greatest client amongst rumors of a falling out between Hilton and Moore's wife. An informant states to a celebrity magazine, "His current wife threatened to split up with him since he was forever gone away with Paris." Only Moore takes a firm stand, "In that respect there were numerous causes, both personal and professional for the break up, only nothing had anything to do with my marriage."
Editor's comment: It appears that Paris has lost a best friend forever?

Kate Hudson Has Unexpected Visitors At Her Party

Hollywood actress Kate Hudson's early Halloween party drew in a few strange invitees - a team of City of the Angels police reportedly pounced upon the party and told merrymakers to lower the noise level. Kate Hudson was dressed as a 1960s stewardess while LAPD police officer's reached her Brentwood, L.A. Mansion at 1am on Sunday morning (26Oct) to motion merrymakers inside the place and admonish them to hold the racket down. The bash comprised of Courtney Cox, attired as a witch, and hubby David Arquette as a warlock. Actress Winona Ryder went as a mouse, onetime supermodel Cindy Crawford showed up as U.K. hellraiser Amy Winehouse getup. Only it was three hundred star Gerard Butler who comprised the greatest hit at the party. An informant contributes, "Altogether the young lady's at the bash were lining up to speak to Gerard. He departed with two really sexy vampires."

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ashley Olsen Afraid Of Picture Taking By Paparazzi

Ashley Olsen has spoken out at the paparazzi, faulting pushy lensmen for changing her into an uneasy "mess". The 22-year-old actress is disgusted with photoflashes since her diminished height makes it hard to get away from photogs dire to shoot her image. She states to a New York newspaper, "Truthfully, I am a mess, Every time I come across a photographic camera, I am a mess. I do not incline to respond as if 'I must do this, it is my line of work.' I'm responding as a adult female who's five-foot-one whose distance is being encroached upon by a crowd of adult male's whose hostility I may virtually experience." And Olsen asserts her frights carry on the far side of one's own safety, fending for celebrity moms and guiltless civilians who could get caught up in life-threatening automobile chases. She contributes, "In Los Angeles it's still riskier since they're racing through red lights trailing you, and I worry day in and day out more or less something dreadful will happen, somebody becoming injured because of me, how might I endure that. "I cannot conceive of what it's like to have children in the rear seat and have to go through with this and make believe for their interest that you're not frightened." Well I agreed with Ashley Olsen she should stay away from film and movie taking pictures. She may be photophobic!

Former Baywatch Babe Takes Thrash Out In Style

Who says that celebrities don't work hard for there money? If Traci Bingham picked up your trash, she would unquestionably acquire a big gratuity. The ex-Baywatch beauty and onetime Celebrity Big Brother housemate afforded her neighbors an early on daybreak surprise while she brought out her garbage in a special fashion style. Donning a petite halter top, mini-skirt and knee-deep boots, Traci appeared anything but trashy.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Mischa Barton Happy To Be Alone For A While

Actress Mischa Barton is discovering to "adopt" living as an individual girl since her break up from rock 'n' roll musician Taylor Locke this past month of September. The onetime O.C. actress acknowledges it is uncommon for her to be away from a relationship, simply she's relishing getting alone time by herself. She states, "I am not used to living single, merely it is genuinely nice. It is outstanding, in reality. "Only encompass it. It is significant to catch one's breath for a moment."

Vanessa Hudgen's Not Upset About Nude Photos

"High School Musical" actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens does not regret the world viewing nude pictures of her, even while the situation resulted in her being "stunned." The 19-year-old Disney actress and singer was worked over at the focus of universal contention while the entire frontal snapshots, which she evidently took to tickle beau Zac Efron, came out on the World Wide Web. Only in spite of the images destroying her honorable reputation, Hudgens asserts she's a big worshipper in destiny. She states to a media source, "I believe that everything comes about for a cause and I would not return anything that I have caused. I do not like discussing it since it personified something that was intended to be secret and I would all the same wish to sustain it as secret as I may." The big question here is if she wanted to keep them private? Then who had access to the photos to put them on the internet? See video below:

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Will Paris Hilton Fly Into Space And Not Come Back

Paris Hilton will make up one of the riders on Richard Branson's 1st Virgin space travel, whenever she can defeat her concerns that the shot will comprise of a one-way ticket. The socialite has discovered she's reserved a place with the Virgin Enterprise Rocket, and is suppose to shoot celebrities and millionaires into space next year, only she's concerned she may not return. Hilton states: "I am really frightened to attempt it.Only what happens if I do not return? "With the entire light-years matter, what if I return ten thousand years afterward, and everybody I know is deceased? Madonna, Tom Hanks, Moby, Victoria Principal and actor Justin Berfield are among the additional celebrities prepared to take off with Branson, as stated by news report's.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Mariah Carey Does Love Scene With A Model

Nick Cannon pushed to organize his wife's recent picture since she had to roll about in bed with some other gentleman. Cannon acknowledges he had no thought how difficult it would be to observe his better half make believe to make emotional love with a model right before him, as they were constructing the promo for I stay In Love together. He states, "We arranged it in, like, one and only take and I got to boot the dude away.

Katy Perry Does'nt Realize Britain Does'nt Like Knives

Katy Perry was condemned for modeling with a knife for a promotional photograph destined for her record album art. The pop vocalist applied a blade upward towards her face in a promotional flick for her release 'One For The Boys'. While the flick did not attain the last cut off for her LP sleeve, it caused angry anti-violence demonstrators in Britain, as London is going through a large amount of knife-related assaults. Richard Taylor, who's fought against knife law-breaking because his 10-year-old boy was knifed to death in the year 2000, stated: "This woman's conduct is unaccepted. She must be out of her psyche to model for a film like this. "There's nothing glamorous around knives - they bust up households. Whatever children seeing her will believe it's alright to carry a blade." The image was plainly meant to depict Perry as "uptight", according to informants on the film: "The knife film was executed to bring about Katy to a greater extent as a sexy, tougher edge. "Only finally it was not decided as a primary film for her record album or internet site."

Britney Spears Not Strong Enough To Face The Court

Britney Spears was excessively 'delicate' to be seen before the jurors determining her destiny in her late driver's license trial, according to her defense attorney. The pop singer was blamed with failure to bring forth a valid California license following an automobile wreck in the state last year, only the case was adjudged a mistrial on Tues. Later on when a jury broke down to achieve a solid determination. The judge was impelled to throw out any criminal accusations versus the pop singer as jurors stalemated, with two members voting guilty, and ten not guilty. Only in spite of the relative triumph, Spears' attorney Michael Flanagan has divulged how the singer pleaded with him to pardon her from establishing a courtroom showing, and takes a firm stand she was not "solid" adequately to contend with the pressure level. Flanagan remembers how Spears said to him: "I can not confront all those people. I do not desire to deal with all the people."

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Katy Perry Cake Dives And Falls Down At Performance

Travis McCoy is attempting to salvage girlfriend Katy Perry's humiliation by asserting the pop sensation's cake plunge at the MTV Latin America Awards last week was not a miscue. The singer seemed to tumble into a large pink cake at the conclusion of her public presentation at the event in Guadalajara, Mexico, on Thursday. She then fought to get up while she slid about onstage as band members tried to assist the pasty pop singer progress to her feet. Only boyfriend McCoy asserts it was comprised as part of his clownlike lover's appearance. Travis McCoy states, "She executed it deliberately. "She caught me just after the act (and stated), 'Baby, you gotta catch the act! You gotta view the execution!' and I viewed it. And I questioned her, ' did you fall down?' and she's like, 'I executed it intentionally.'" McCoy told MTV news show, "It was entirely contrived. I imagine she mutilated it. She's a pace higher up, a pace in front, you know? And I have all of the time supported her." See video below!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Shannen Doherty To Guests Don't Use My Bathroom

Shannen Doherty sustains one and only major love story principle for all likely suitors, do not utilize her bathroom. The self-confessed germaphobe asserts her master bathroom is for her enjoyment entirely, and she's a lot more pleased to force intruders away mid-tinkle if they employ the incorrect toilet. The actress is indeed finicky about her bathroom principles, she features 4 guest bathrooms dispersed around her home, therefore while one recent guest decided to alleviate himself in her restroom, Doherty was far from pleased. She states to a celebrity magazine, "I enter in that respect, seize his arm, and, like, pull him away, mid-p**s." She contributes, "Even my husband, while I was married was not allowed to utilize my bathroom." For guests of Shannen Doherty I would recommend using the outhouse out back!

Paris Hilton Now Looking For A Best Friend Forever In Britain

Paris Hilton’s newest offer to ingratiate herself with London’s A-list gang got dreadfully undone at the weekend. Mark Ronson, 36, rejected friendly come on's of the woman, who is shooting her search for a British Best Friend for ITV2. Hilton chased Ronson down to the Sanderson Hotel where she trapped him in the cocktail lounge. She implored him to get her into the Groucho Club. Dumbfounded, he downed his beverage prior to taking flight to his room and telling staff to alter the name the entourage was reserved under to the clearly uncool Derek McSlime. Did Mark Ronson feel he was being stalked?

Angelina Jolie Tells How She Fell In Love With Brad

Angelina Jolie has touched off afresh outrage subsequently confessing she and Brad Pitt fell in love upon the set of action film "Mr & Mrs Smith" although the motion picture hunk was still married to Jennifer Aniston. The pair has forever sustained there was no love affair on the set of the 2005 flick and the couple merely became "really, really dear acquaintances" only at present Jolie has another tale. During a questioning with the New York Times newspaper, the actress allows it to slip more or less where she and Brad fell in love. Inquired when she believes her kids will be allowed to see Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Jolie says, "Not many folks get to view a motion picture where their parents fell in love."

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Miley Cyrus Did Not Stay Overnight With Her Boyfriend

A spokesperson for teenage superstar Miley Cyrus has brushed off hearsays indicating the underage actress has slept with her fashion model fellow Justin Gaston, taking a firm stand she honors her mother's "hard-and-fast" rules. Reportedly according to the New York City Post's Page Six, Cyrus and Gaston "were completely all over one another offstage" at the fashion show, and the 20-year-old blew out kisses and winked at her every time he went by her on the catwalk. An informant states to the publication Cyrus was overheard revealing to a acquaintance that "she was most likely remaining at Justin's this night and that they were not going to go to the after-party and instead have a party of their own." Only the singer/actress' representative has abnegated any unlawful doings happened that night, stating: "Miley had an outstanding time at the appearance, just the whole sleeping-over affair never came about. Miley headed home with her mother and manager. Leticia is really stern with her.

Adriana Lima Poses In A Very Expensive Bra

Women's underclothes may be costly, only this is merely absurd. Adriana Lima is portrayed here having on the world's most expensive brassiere, being a humongous $5million. Plainly it contains 3,575 black diamonds, 117 certified one-carat circular diamonds and thirty-four rubies, decked out with about 3,900 sensational gemstones. In addition, more significantly, it is designed for utmost cleavage. Prior to this photo shoot Adriana went braless for Cosmopolitan magazine. I wonder what she prefers a bra or braless?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

John Mayer And Jennifer Aniston Dine Out

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer have kindled speculation they've rekindled their love affair after allegedly being seen together since the 2nd time in a week. Jen got together her ex-boyfriend not long after fending for best friend Courteney Cox Arquette at the glamor Reel Moments premier. They were joined by 3 friends as they dined at the Sunset Tower Hotel in City of the Angels later on Tuesday night and John was reportedly later on caught slipping away from Jen's domicile in the early hrs. An informant stated, "They departed out the rear of the hotel and were really discerning. "Jen was ahead of John who walked really near her once they departed." This comes after some other sighting of the couple savoring one another's companionship in New York at the weekend. It's conceived John is agreeable to give the relationship another try. The couple broke up last month after going out for approximately 3 months.

Hayden Panettiere Uses Foul Language Against John McCain

Hayden Panettiere is not quite the soft and gentle person we totally considered her to be. As a matter of fact she is a brash, foul-spoken political militant who acknowledges she is “spicy enough” to seize our attention. While it had better be noticed Hayden’s snotty, profanity-laden ranting against US presidential nominee John McCain was made up exclusively for the intent of a comedy telecasting sketch and distinctly activated by her support for Barack Obama. The pro-Democratic actress in Hollywood yesterday placed her F-word dishonor on In the skit, she states, “I am raging plenty to acknowledge I have your attention for 30 seconds. “In that respect 3 things I believe every citizen ought to do, smoke cigarettes, vote for John McCain and do not put on a seatbelt.” Hayden then offends with an onslaught of curse word's, “John McCain, has had involvements with lobbyists, and so you will get f***** and he will get f*****. Everyone gains. Nobody f***s with John McCain.” But remember with a foul mouth like her's would she really make a good role model for your children? Would you really want to follow her advice?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Miley Cyrus Writes Her Autobiography

Miley Cyrus has completed publishing a book telling her life history. The actress blasted off to international stardom in Walt Disney television series "Hannah Montana" later on landing the character at only 12 years old, and has since acted on an unaccompanied singing vocation. And at present the adolescent has accomplished writing her memoirs, which will involve a review of her life history until now. Publishing company Walt Disney stated the star's autobiography will "disclose how her strong family relationship with her household, particularly her mother Leticia, assists her to pilot the limelight". And at present Cyrus has verbalized out on the undertaking, summing up: "I am not certain when it is going to come out. It is completed only you have commenced a long procedure of editing and all that kind of stuff, therefore it takes a long time."

Shannen Doherty Will Do More Episodes Of 90210

Actress Shannen Doherty has sustained she will appear in an additional 2 sequences of the 'Beverly Hills 90210' spin-off series, in spite of declaring her leaving. Doherty acts as the adult embodiment of Brenda Walsh in 90210, the role she acted on the original adolescent television series till 1994. The actress at first signed-on to appear entirely in 4 installments of the program, which established its first appearance in September. Only a representative for the television series has substantiated Doherty's come back for 2 extra installments of the series, which are ready to air on November 18. Last month, Doherty stated to reporters: "I contracted for 4 installments, I believe in that respect such a thing as outstaying your welcome, and I do not desire to do that."

Madonna Admits The Breakup Of Her Marriage

Madonna's representative substantiated today the singer and her hubby, Guy Ritchie, will split up. The pop singer's representative stated the pair had agreed to break up. Liz Rosenberg stated in an affirmation, co-signed by a representative of motion picture director Ritchie, that the pair hadn't agreed on a settlement.
Motion picture director Ritchie, 40, and Madonna got married 7 years ago at a plush ceremony in Scotland. Only rumors have been going around inside the media that their relationship was more and more under stress. A media tabloid described that a recent escalation in quarrels has led to Madonna and Ritchie conveying thru their personal helpers. The tabloid described that Madonna had wanted to hold off till the finish of her 'Sticky and Sweet' worldwide circuit prior to declaring the break up. Only the date has at present been advanced with both parties desiring a split up finalized prior to Christmas, it was claimed.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jessica Simpson Denies Being Engaged

Jessica Simpson has laughed away rumors she's engaged to football player boyfriend Tony Romo after the pair were reportedly seen browsing for rings together. The singer has been going out with Tony Romo as recently as of last year, was said to have selected a ring with him on a jaunt to a Neiman Marcus store in Dallas, Texas lately. Only Jessica asserts there's no fact to the claim, since Tony would never agree to go jewelry browsing with her. She assures Entertainment Tonight, "Tony and I have not gone to Neiman Marcus, someone stated we purchased a ring in that respect. I could not force Tony in to Neiman Marcus if I attempted!" All the same, the singer acknowledges she's "on the far side of the moon and stars" about their romance, contributing, "I am really pleased."

Hilary Duff Denies Marriage Rumors

Hilary Duff has one more time denied rumors she's determine to get married. The in love couple have been going out since a bit over a year and Hilary set off talk about a potential engagement after lately being caught cavorting a ring upon her wedding finger. Only Hilary avoided supposition by alleging, "No, no I'm not" while being questioned around the issue at the 5th Annual Runway For Life event in LosAngeles over the weekend. She appeared as modeling material while she got onto a catwalk in a short sequined dress and shoulderless top.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Britney Spears Talks About Her Public Collapse

Britney Spears has opened up more or less about her public collapse since the 1st time. The pop singer is upon the route to recuperation in advance of the release of her return record album Circus only her temperamental demeanor last year set off concerns her pop singing would come to a untimely finish. In her approaching MTV documentary film, For The Record, the Toxic star acknowledges she made immense errors and is thankful she was afforded an opportunity for a return. Britney said, "A whole lot has come about over the final couple of years and in that respect a great deal that people do not recognize more or less about me that I desire them to acknowledge. "I needed to produce this video since I began to sense as if I was not being envisioned in the light that I desired to be envisioned in. "This is a chance to make the record straight and discuss what I have been through and wherever I am led. "I have been through a great deal, and in that respect many folks do not acknowledge. I sit in that respect and I review, "I am a bright individual, what the hell was I imagining?" The star likewise acknowledged during the documentary film that she's hurting from lonesomeness. She contributed, "Occasionally it can become lonely "because you do not unfasten the gate. I am stuck in this situation, and I merely manage day-to-day." The height of her public meltdown touched on the forefront as she shaved away her hair not long prior to lashing out at photographer's automobile with an umbrella. During an emotional unstable year, she split up with hubby Kevin Federline and was sealed in a custody fight for their children Sean Preston and Jayden James.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Christina Aguilera Vows To Continue Sexy Dances

Christina Aguilera promises to go on with her sexy dancing acts, in spite of just lately becoming a 1st time mom.
The pop singer is suppose to perform "This Day's Africa Rising Festival" in London on October 14. The 27-year-old will be taking young boy Max, to the celebrations, but will not be omitting the lewd acts. She states, "it's significant to point out to Max what mom performs. It's genuinely significant to me that he's someone and that's why it's significant for me to carry on to be honest to myself. Whenever it comes about to be lewd and so be it! It is an issue of self reflexion of myself."

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Eva Mendes Wanted To Be A Calvin Klein Model

Eva Mendes leapt at the opportunity to be a spokesmodel for Calvin Klein, since she was confident it would afford her career a large hike up. The actress is the expression of the fashion designer's recent underclothes chain. She filmed photographic print and television advertisements for the effort with fashion lensman Steve Meisel in the beginning of this year, but the promo, which finds the actress wiggling about bare-breasted, was viewed as overly sexy to be displayed television in August, and numerous networks declined to publicize the footage. Only Mendes, who stated Americans are too "straightlaced" for banning the advertisement, does not regret creating the sassy shoot since it carried out one of her adolescent ambitions, to succeed in the strides of Mark Wahlberg, whose hip-hop egotism was Marky Mark, and supermodel Kate Moss, who both darted to stardom as Calvin Klein fashion model's. She states, "I was raised up on those advertisements.

Christie Brinkley Battle Flares Up Again Over 20/20 Interview

The extremely public split up conflict between Christie Brinkley and her ex might be resolved, only the pair's caustic quarrel is firing up once more. Brinkley inquired a Suffolk County court to harbor the pair's 2 kids from a telecasted interview, scheduled to publicize Friday on ABC, in which Peter Cook explains his involvement with an adolescent and his cyberspace pornography leanings. Only a judge on Thursday refused her petition to call off Cook's weekend visit with the kids, his attorney Jim Winkler reported. Winkler stated the decree was unneeded and that Peter bore no intent of revealing the kids to the Barbara Walters interview on "20/20." Brinkley attorney Robert Stephan Cohen didn't right away return a phone call looking for verification. Cohen registered papers on Wednesday looking for a temporary restraining order and a postjudgment order, stating in an argument, "His rearing has to be outside from his house and he can not uncover them to the `20/20' television program." The once wedded couple was Brinkley's 4th and Peter Cook's for the first time.

Kim Kardashian Starts Marriage Rumor

Influential person Kim Kardashian is laughing away accounts she's secretly hooked up with football player Reggie Bush, disclosing she referred to him as her "husband" on the internet as a prank. Rumormongers went looney once she suggested that she and New Orleans Saints ace Bush had interchanged vows in a late post on her internet site. She states, "I articulated husband as a prank. He stated, "Do not utilize boyfriend, it is so distinctive." He stated, Pen husband or baby. Everybody believed I got married." Only Kardashian takes a firm stand she and Bush wish to marry more or less one day, "We decidedly will make it work out. This is the 1st relationship I have been in without any trust issues."

Friday, October 10, 2008

Marisa Miller Rides A Harley Davidson

Marisa Miller does an advertisement for Harley Davidson. This sensational fashion model plainly would not appear as hot riding the new Harley-Davidson with an atrocious crash helmet strapped to her head. The Victoria’s Secret hottie is on red-hot form in the advertisements, extending her long torso atop Harley’s V-Rod muscle motorbike in a seductive fashion.

Angelina Jolie On The Cover Of A Magazine Breastfeeding

Reportedly a photograph of Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie evidently nursing her infant appears on the front of 'W' magazine. Jolie appears upon the front of W’s November issue in a sleeveless top, which has been opened up to expose part of her left bosom and a small hand apparently consisting of one of her twins, Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline, who were born in July. The black and white photograph depicts Jolie grinning, her long brownish hair cascading down across her shoulder. The front cover headline assures exclusive “secret photographs” of the 33-year-old actress by her spouse Brad Pitt.

Is Avril Lavigne Breaking Up With Her Boyfriend

Avril Lavigne and her rock 'n' roll musician hubby Deryck Whibley are upon the brink of a break up, according to fresh tabloid accounts. According to a tabloid the couple who got married in 2006 are having trouble ever since Lavigne started her global tour in the beginning of this year, many times leaving the pair thousands of miles separated. An informant states to the magazine Lavigne and Whibley "they've been growing away from one another for months," contributing, "Deryck Is not motivated in his own career, therefore he's been boozing and partying." Rumors of their break up were fueled as Whibley was reportedly caught at an event at a City of the Angels nightspot "huddled together at a single table" and holding the hand of an unidentified adult female.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bitney Spears Rejects Court Offer

An attorney for Britney Spears today declined a plea bid that would have committed her on twelve months of probation and coerced her to ante up a $150 fine for colliding with a parked automobile and departing the scene without reporting it to the owners. Michael Flanagan stated that Britney would consider a bid that brings down the charge and asks her to compensate merely a $10 fine. He stated if the lawsuit does move to trial, as scheduled later on this month, he will appeal any judgment of conviction. He stated the 26-year-old singer is being unfairly targeted at since she's a celebrity and doesn't merit a spot on her record. The accusation is the final remainder of a felonious lawsuit that city prosecutors charged against Britney after she collided with a parked automobile in August 2007 and departed without giving notice to the owner.

Jennifer Lopez Denies Any Anxiety Attack In The Past

A representative for Jennifer Lopez has lashed out at a journalist, refusing accounts the celebrity sustained an anxiety attack in 2002. Newsman Kevin Sessums was accredited by Elle magazine publisher to profile Lopez only the publishing magazine dismissed his initial interview with the celebrity in favor of a lot more flattering part among charges from her spokespersons that the questions "became a great deal overly personal." Only a representative for the celebrity takes a firm stand she was led astray, summing up: "We are really distressed about it, and believe it was inadequate discernment upon his contribution. Since we have known Jennifer for a long time, we have never heard her mention sustaining a collapse of any kind."

Mischa Barton Does'nt Think Victoria Beckham Is Stylish

In what looks to be among the most bewildering celebrity feuds, Mischa Barton has thrashed Victoria Beckham’s wearing apparel choices. Yep, that is the same Mischa Barton who's typically depicted in distasteful outfits and stumbling out of nightspots and her blouses. And the same Victoria Beckham who's glorified as a worldwide style image. Only Mischa said to a celebrity tabloid, "Posh does not impress me as particularly stylish. "I do not believe she's an honorable illustration of British fashion in the least." The celebrity added: "I do not attire for anyone else, and I believe the reason people care about my fashion is that I perform my own social occasion."

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Did Jennifer Lopez Have A Nervous Breakdown

Jennifer Lopez has uncovered she at one time experienced an anxiety attack that left her not able to verbalize or move. The Hollywood actress states she got to an erupting point in time in 2002, when shooting the thriller Enough. Jennifer Lopez stated to a celebrity internet site “There was a time while I was really overworked and I was making music and motion pictures and many numerous things. “I was hurting from a deficiency of rest. And I managed to experience a sort of anxious breakdown. I immobilized upon the stage. “Well, not on the stage, only in my trailer. I was as if, I do not want to move, I do not want to talk, I do not desire to do anything. “It was during that motion picture, Enough. Yes, I did. I had an anxiety attack.” Jennifer was transported to her automobile sobbing with a guard driving her to the physician, only she declined to take medicine. She states, “The physician said for me to return to work on Monday later on a weekend of sleeping because if I held off longer that I'd simply get more frightened about acting. “Indeed that's what I did. I have never been to a psychiatrist. I am not a shrinky individual.”

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Nicky Hilton Denies Any Wedding Plans

Paris Hilton's fashionable sister Nicky Hilton has brushed aside accounts she's to get married with her television producer beau David Katzenberg this coming winter. The pair has been going out for the preceding 2 years, and informants stated last month that Hilton and Katzenberg were considering interchanging wedding vows in December 2008 or January 2009. Only Nicky, who became 25 this last Sunday, states to a celebrity website, "There are no marriage ceremony plans. In that respect there are alot of rumors only I'll set them to rest."

Is Mariah Carey Pregnant Or Planning On Having A Child

Mariah Carey is gearing up on birthing a child with hubby Nick Cannon. Mariah,caught here hosting an evening out at the Bank Nightclub indoors at the Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas the other night, has set off rumors she maybe is pregnant by appearing a trace more bustier than usual over the preceding few weeks. It appears she has heaped on a few pounds. A pal stated, "Mariah appeared outstanding, only she appeared to have put on a couple of pounds. "Perhaps she is pregnant or at any rate preparing on that!” A different source contributed: "They have been trying on their trips, and Mariah has gone through her ob-gyn numerous times lately in California and not exactly for medical exams."

Monday, October 6, 2008

Angelina Jolie Shows Up On The Red Carpet

Angelina Jolie flaunted her post-baby physique upon the red carpet at the New York City premier of her recent motion picture "The Changeling" on Saturday, in her 1st public appearance since delivering twins this summer. The Hollywood actress walked out with her spouse Brad Pitt in a figure-hugging black strapless apparel for the Clint Eastwood-directed motion picture showing, in which she acts as a mother whose son is abducted. It was of late laid claim that Jolie experienced suffering from postpartum depressive disorder since the July birthing of Knox and Vivienne in France, only she demonstrated no signs of the condition since she presented for the photographers and gossiped to the press in New York City.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pamela Anderson Wants To Tell Celebrities What To Wear

Pamela Anderson delivers a written unrelenting letter to Australian actress Cate Blanchett, recommending the Oscar-winner to give up putting on Armani garments. The actress has joined up with animal rights militants at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), to promote A-list celebrities to ban clothes designer Giorgio Armani over his refusal to snub fur from his line of fashions, and at present she's directing intent at one of the designer guru's nearest admirers. She requires Blanchett to get into other fashion designer's creations to appear at red carpet events until Armani agrees to halt utilizing fur. In her written correspondence to Cate Blanchett, Anderson drops a line, "Cate, because you're so much an immense part of Armani's promotional attire, would you kindly inspire him to go along with his promise and omit fur out of his future collections?" A representative for the fashion designer has substantiated Armani plans to discontinue utilizing all but rabbit pelt in hereafter creations, summing up, "As a lavish fashion business firm, which has forever been thoughtful to this subject, we find we're being unfairly pointed out at in equivalence to our contenders."

Eva Mendes Strikes Out At American Censorship

Hollywood actress Eva Mendes has thrashed Americans for exalting violence, although staying prudish on nakedness on the screen. The actress represented the center of contention last August, as an advertisement she shot for Calvin Klein was held overly sexy for American television and blackballed by numerous major networks. Eva has since took a firm stand that she's pleased with the promo, which caught her wiggling semi-naked on a bed. At present the actress has struck out at American censors for permitting bloodstained films to come out on television, all the same being too roughshod while it pertains to nude pictures. She stated to a media website, "I love my country, only I think that we're overly prompt to ban nakedness. We appear okay with fierceness, but nakedness we rush to criticize and ban. I am not at all ashamed or terrified about exhibiting my torso."

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Brooke Hogan Likes To Show Off Her Best Look

Brooke Hogan has exposed her tempestuous side by flashing this sassy leopard-print brassiere. The reality television star was in attendance at a fashion show in Miami while she presented onlookers a glance of her racy underclothes. Brooke is best recognized for her bosoms. That's how come Playboy evidently came visiting, hoping to win her over to be naked for the adult magazine.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Cameron Diaz Makes A Dedication To Her Father

The star expressed joy while she thought about her father Emilio, who passed away from problems with pneumonia in April and his exuberant public presentation in the 1998 motion picture. She stated to the audience at the Arclight movie theatre: "My father's in this motion picture for 2 seconds. My dad just passed on of late. He's the one when Ben Stiller is departing from the jail and all the men run later on. My father was the one with long silver black hair, who's overacting it up in the front line. "That is my father, if you would simply sound out hello to him, since it is among the few minutes to have him commemorated on film."

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Katy Perry's Parents Loathe Her Latest Song

Nearly all of us turn up the loudness while I Kissed A Girl blasts from the radio - only Katy Perry's parents have denounced the melody "disgraceful and loathsome". The heartfelt Christian preachers are profoundly ashamed of the controversial lyrics about two girls kissing, and say the song encourages sin. Mom Mary Hudson stated: "I detest the song. It distinctly encourages gayness and its content is disgraceful and loathsome. "I can not even listen to it. The 1st time I heard it I was in absolute shock. When it goes on the radio I bow down my head and pray." In the video recording, Katy presents provocatively in underclothes as she belts out: "I kissed a girl and I liked it/ The savor of her cherry chapstick." Only in spite of Katy's No1 chart success, her mom has thrashed her titilating lyrics.

Adnan Ghalib Says There Is No Sex Tape

Britney, immediately presenting a noteworthy comeback, went out with Paparazzi photographer Adnan Ghalib, back in January when she was in the clench of drugs and clinical depression. She broke up with him later on thinking he was attempting to sell images of the couple around the globe. Only yesterday a furious Adnan raged: “There's no sex tape recording. I am exceedingly disturbed and acquiring legal action.”