Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Shannen Doherty To Guests Don't Use My Bathroom

Shannen Doherty sustains one and only major love story principle for all likely suitors, do not utilize her bathroom. The self-confessed germaphobe asserts her master bathroom is for her enjoyment entirely, and she's a lot more pleased to force intruders away mid-tinkle if they employ the incorrect toilet. The actress is indeed finicky about her bathroom principles, she features 4 guest bathrooms dispersed around her home, therefore while one recent guest decided to alleviate himself in her restroom, Doherty was far from pleased. She states to a celebrity magazine, "I enter in that respect, seize his arm, and, like, pull him away, mid-p**s." She contributes, "Even my husband, while I was married was not allowed to utilize my bathroom." For guests of Shannen Doherty I would recommend using the outhouse out back!

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