Friday, October 24, 2008

Britney Spears Not Strong Enough To Face The Court

Britney Spears was excessively 'delicate' to be seen before the jurors determining her destiny in her late driver's license trial, according to her defense attorney. The pop singer was blamed with failure to bring forth a valid California license following an automobile wreck in the state last year, only the case was adjudged a mistrial on Tues. Later on when a jury broke down to achieve a solid determination. The judge was impelled to throw out any criminal accusations versus the pop singer as jurors stalemated, with two members voting guilty, and ten not guilty. Only in spite of the relative triumph, Spears' attorney Michael Flanagan has divulged how the singer pleaded with him to pardon her from establishing a courtroom showing, and takes a firm stand she was not "solid" adequately to contend with the pressure level. Flanagan remembers how Spears said to him: "I can not confront all those people. I do not desire to deal with all the people."

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