Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Katy Perry Cake Dives And Falls Down At Performance

Travis McCoy is attempting to salvage girlfriend Katy Perry's humiliation by asserting the pop sensation's cake plunge at the MTV Latin America Awards last week was not a miscue. The singer seemed to tumble into a large pink cake at the conclusion of her public presentation at the event in Guadalajara, Mexico, on Thursday. She then fought to get up while she slid about onstage as band members tried to assist the pasty pop singer progress to her feet. Only boyfriend McCoy asserts it was comprised as part of his clownlike lover's appearance. Travis McCoy states, "She executed it deliberately. "She caught me just after the act (and stated), 'Baby, you gotta catch the act! You gotta view the execution!' and I viewed it. And I questioned her, ' did you fall down?' and she's like, 'I executed it intentionally.'" McCoy told MTV news show, "It was entirely contrived. I imagine she mutilated it. She's a pace higher up, a pace in front, you know? And I have all of the time supported her." See video below!!

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