Friday, October 31, 2008

Jessica Biel Regrets Posing For Nude Pics

Actress Jessica Biel sorrows being squeezed into bare breasted photographs for a gentlemen's magazine. The actress states she was swayed to model for the naughty images in 2000 to cast off her saintly persona. Only she acknowledges she at present regrets going along with the photoshoot. She states, "It was reputed to help me appear more sexy and more grownup." The thought was, view me I'm an adult female, thriving upwards. I had male managing director's at the time, who comprised being genuinely charged up regarding the photoshoot. "The fact is, I felt I went too far. I recollect phoning my father and stating, "I goofed up. I went excessively far and didn't stick up for myself."
Editor's comment: I wonder if this had been a going naked and furless for PETA photography shoot would Jessica Biel have felt the same way? Would she have made the same statements?

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