Saturday, October 31, 2009

Miley Cyrus Worse Teen Celeb?

What's wrong in the world of teens, since they appear to have reversed their backbone on their heroic icon Miley Cyrus. Accounts are coming out that according to a teen poll done on the internet site, her audience appears to believe she's the sorriest famous person this year. It is shameful to see these 9-16 year-olds all of a sudden pointing this out, while they are the ones who've personified the Hannah Montana actress when she made her first appearance. At present, these teens are on the spur of the moment stating she's worse than Kanye West and also Britney Spears. We totally acknowledge how those 2 came into fame, only they can not perhaps be better than Miley Cyrus, can they? Although it appears as if the 16-year-old Disney star's fame is dwindling down, the reality is far from that. Her ranking in the voting isn't wounding her career, even while she's attempting so heavily to come out of that Hannah Montana persona to be more adult like.

Rumor Has It That Angelina Slept With Mom's Boyfriend

According to a recent biography it is rumored that Angelina Jolie hit the sack with her mother's boyfriend, Controversial author Andrew Morton writes that the actress craweled in bed with Marcheline Bertrand's sleep in lover while she was only sixteen. Angelina was devastated once her mom died of cancer, in 2007, at the age of fifty-six. Accounts in a celebrity magazine lay claim that the 2 women fought to reconstruct their family relationship after the actress conceded to the nighttime of love making. "Marcheline had a sleep in fellow whom she was a great deal in love with, only Ange went to bed with him while she was only sixteen and just out of school," stated an informant. "Her mom learned about the incident and terminated her relationship with the man. "Once Ange acknowledged the report to her brother James only a little while ago, even he was upset with her. Angelina is at present reported to be making up with her father Jon Voight, with whom she's had a stormy relationship in the past.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Britney Spears Mother Of The Year

Britney Spears was voted the best celebrity mother even though she was recently allowed to partake in custody of her 2 sons. Just this past month, the courts permitted Britney to acquire an equal custody part of Sean Preston and Jayden James with her onetime husband Kevin Federline. Just two years ago, she lost a legal battle to keep her kids while having mental problems at the time and K-Fed was granted exclusive custody of the children. The disturbed singer led the public opinion poll put out by Christmas savings company Park after they polled 7,000 of their buyers. The singing sensation lost custody of her 2 sons after her public breakdown in 2008, but acquired equal custody with her ex Kevin Federline after she demonstrated to the courts that she had straightened up her act. And the pop star's fans have apparently acknowledged Spears' attempts, she experienced a gigantic seventy-four per cent portion of the ballot in a recent poll by U.K. Company Park Christmas Saving to come up with the best mother in the entertainment industry. Succeeding in 2nd position was Spears' competitor, Christina Aguilera, who obtained twelve per cent of the ballots, while mother-of-six Angelina Jolie came in third. Recent British reality television star Jade Goody and Katie Holmes comprised the 4th and 5th positions respectively.
Editor's Comments: I personally would not have voted her as number 1 for mother of the year.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Katy Perry Is In Love With Russell Brand?

Singer Katy Perry the other night conceded she's fallen head over heals with Russell Brand. Katy and Russell have been relishing a romantic break away in Paris and they've been spotted at fashion shows. And Katy stated to her fans she hadn't kept in contact with them on her Twitter website since she was "in a love state of euphoria". Katy spilled out her feelings merely days after Russell stated to a celebrity tabloid, "I believe I am in love." The pair have been going out for a trifle over 2 weeks,and have already experienced a romantic getaway in Thailand.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Miley Sings Goodbye To Twitter

Miley Cyrus concluded her last Tweet on Thursday and might have indicated that her recent determination to discontinue Twitter was to keep her private life private and might have been tempted by an Australian costar and possible love interest. Only do not fault Liam Hemsworth for the teenage star's determination to quiet herself on the social media web site. In a recent YouTube video recording, Miley sings about her personal rational for discontinuing. "Yes, the rumors are a fact, I erased my Twitter," Miley raps in the offstage video recording. "I had to say so long," she carries on, "and this little rap is to tell my fans why." Her grounds? Simple! "I want my private life private," she raps. "I'm living for me." As Cyrus erased her one time Twitter account on Thursday, her final Tweet cited The Last Song costar immediately. "FYI Liam does not have a Twitter and he wishes ME to erase mine with sound cause," she published at the time. At present, she clears up in her song, "It was not because my friend ordered me to. I ceased living for moments and began living for people."

Monday, October 5, 2009

Courtney Love Tells Her Friends She's Broke

Courtney Love has stated to her friends she's down to her final 120 dollars and ready to be tossed out to the curb. The rock 'n' roll musician stated she could'nt give her daughter Frances Bean, 17 any food. Courtney is living in New York City at the Mercer Hotel and she text messaged a friend stating, "I am f****d today dude. I've got 120 dollars, my child has not gotten a adequate meal and I am arriving at being tossed out where I'm living." The singer was this past month prohibited from getting at the trust fund bequeathed for her daughter when her ex-husband Kurt Cobain killed himself in 1994. She lays claim she's experienced to a higher degree millions robbed from her by con artists since 2003 and has even employed investigators to attempt to go after it. The friend stated, "She's truly arrived at an all time low. She's a financial catastrophe."

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Penelope Cruz Loves To Rope Dance

Penelope Cruz would like to set up ropes to swing around her bedroom. The star had to film a detailed song and dance rope act for her recent motion picture 'Nine', and in spite of damaging her hands on the set she would like to make the most of her training. Director Rob Marshall told a celebrity magazine, "The day we were filming her big act in the midst of the act she does this exercise with ropes and she was getting around on them and it was chilling and she had acquired calluses and her hands were bloody. "There is this vast sheath of pinkish satin she glides downward on. Once we completed the act she had vanished in back of the satin and was crying. I asked, 'Are you distressed with what you executed?' She sounded out, 'No, no, it's that it is ended and I enjoyed every moment. I wish to set up ropes in my bedroom then I do not have to relinquish it.' " Sophia Loren co-stars in the motion picture and she drew together so powerfully with Penelope, they were inconsolable at the final stage of shooting. Penelope has previously acknowledged she found out filming the motion picture a highly rewarding and excited undergoing.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Katy Perry Charms Russell Brand

Katy Perry is keeping quiet about going out with Russell Brand, even though it's been disclosed. The singer had taken off to Thailand on a romantic break away with Russell after tantalizing him with a photo of her bosoms after they came across each other at the MTV VMAs this past month. An informant stated: "While they were both in New York City for the music honors Russell at last got his opportunity to cultivate his appealingness on her. "Katy recognizes his bad boy reputation only she could'nt refuse, especially once Russell mailed her a romantic poem with a annotation attached telling her, 'Please return me a poem back.' "Russell could not cease laughing once Katy mailed him a photograph of her breasts with the word 'poem' scribbled over them. The following moment Russell lifted up the telephone and tempted her to Thailand for a private escape." Acquaintances have admonished Katy about the 34-year-old comedian's philandering ways but she's decided to make the relationship work out. The informant told a British newspaper, "in spite of his reputation, Katy believes Russell is so charming she would prefer to give matters a go with him. She believes he's hilarious and unbelievably sexy." The pair have at present came back from their travel, with Katy withdrawing to her Twitter page to spout out regarding the "magical" holiday.