Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Paris Hilton Looks Comfy Arriving In Australia

Paris Hilton has arrived in Australia just before her innovational New Year’s Eve bash. The sexy socialite will represent hosting the world’s 1st internet three-D party at Sydney's nightspot Trademark, but those preparing to log in will be desiring she will be better attired than this on the night. Paris reached Melbourne Airport donning a casual blue workout suit, presumably put on for comfort on the long run flight. Only she was rapidly back to her breast-revealing finest later on settling in down under, putting on a sexy summertime dress prior to absorbing the sights.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Is Katy Perry Thinking Of You

Katy Perry normally reigns the stage in outlandish outfits and is better acknowledged for smooching females than males. So Katy Perry's new musical video "Thinking Of You" might occur as a surprise. The video recording for "Thinking of You" is a lot of artistic creation than pop music and envisions Katy pulled between 2 males. While she lies in bed with a boy, she captures flashbacks of a former relationship she's craving after. The original video recording, which was filmed by an acquaintance and never designated for publishing, hit YouTube in 2007.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Megan Fox Voted Sexiest Actress

Beautiful Megan Fox was voted the sexiest actress in Hollywood by both male and female moviegoing fans. The 22-year-old actress exceeded an internet opinion poll in which men and women voted on an individual basis and came forward as the favorite amid both genders. Only the research divulged men and women don't all of the time have the equal opinion of what constitutes a sexy actress. Actress Jennifer Aniston was the number two selection amid the females but eighth amongst the males. Actor Hugh Jackman was voted sexiest male by male voters, while Johnny Depp, was the greatest pick for women. The survey, implemented by, placed actor Robert Pattinson, as the 2nd favorite among female voters while he was nowhere to be found in the men’s Top 10. And Hollywood heart-throb George Clooney, was voted into the 5th spot by the males but was'nt a contender on the females list.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Paris Hilton Upset By Home Break In

Paris Hilton was totally upset after a robber burglarized her California mansion since the jewelry which was taken is unreplaceable. The trespasser is thought to have pushed his way through the front entrance of the mansion on Friday prior to looting the heiress's sleeping room and taking off with an approximated $2 million dollars worth of precious stone's. And while Paris is thankful she was not in the mansion at the time, she's brokenhearted by the loss. She told a magazine: "I'm devastated. I can't conceive somebody broke into my home. "They carried off particulars that had so much sentimental value. I am just grateful that I was not at that place when it took place."

Heidi Montag And Boyfriend Postpone Marriage

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have cried a respite on their wedding, they have decided against creating their matrimony official. The reality television pair flew off to Mexico this past month to attach the knot secretly, and they were due to make their spousal relationship legal with a lawful ceremony at the Beverly Hills, Calif., courthouse. Only the couple copped out of the marriage at the eleventh hour, in footage shot for the smash television series. Pratt was observed revealing to his dating partner, "I only would like to give you the marriage of your aspirations that you've been discussing for 3 yrs. I will contend with it. It is worth it to be with you the remainder of my lifetime. We will do it in the manner you desire, I am regretful. I love you so a great deal." The footage was presented in a sequence of "The Hills," which broadcasted on Mon. nighttime.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jessica Alba Finally Has A Wedding Reception

Jessica Alba and hubby Cash Warren have held an elegant wedding ceremonial occasion 7 months later on after they got hitched. The reception at their Beverly Hills home was reserved to "observe their love and dedication to one another," a guest told a celebrity magazine. The pair fastened the knot in a confidential ceremony in a Beverly Hills courthouse in May, only Friday’s party was the 1st time their two families assembled to note the social occasion. A partygoer stated, "There was alot of happiness and passion. It was highly exceptional for everybody."

Britney Spears Loves Japan

Subsequently twelve months later which have caught her glorified at the MTV Awards merely slated on X Factor, Spears is beyond any doubt the world’s most discussed star once more. Doing Womanizer on Japan’s Best Music Artist show, Britney stated to the audience chiefly made up of non-Christian Buddhists and Shintoists to “have a happy Christmas”. Britney is enjoying her current jaunt to the Far East. She posted on her web log, “I love Japan! I believe totally the tiny automobiles are so cute. “I savored a walk in a botanical garden and got to see a Japanese marriage ceremony. Then I went shopping and visited the oldest Buddhist temple. "It was so beautiful."

Friday, December 19, 2008

Hilary Duff Denies Stating She Was A Virgin

The 21-year-old Hollywood actress casts off her cutesy adolescent persona once and for all on the cutting-edge issue of a men’s magazine. Modeling in an oversized black jumper, Hilary attains her top-quality seductive pose as she poses with her bare legs on display. She also tells the magazine she has never confessed to being a virgin, in spite of reputed quotes to the adverse. She stated, “I was quoted stating I was a virgin, only I definitely didn't articulate that. “That is nobody’s concern just my own.”

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Clint Eastwood A Real Man Has Spoken

Clint Eastwood in Carmel River State Park, California Clint Eastwood verbalizes how painfully he misses his ruffian early days, asserting that America has become soft since. The 78-year-old actor lays claim life was less problematic and simpler in his rearing during the Great Depression while troubles were resolved applying fists instead of a therapist's sofa. Eastwood states in the January (09) edition of Esquire magazine, "Everybody became used to stating, 'Well, how do we address it psychologically?' "In those days you plugged the bully back and duked it out. Folks were more toughened then. "Only I was a timid kid. Only more of my childhood was made up of knocking the ruffians out."

Editor's Comment: Truly a real American Male!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Carmen Electra Deals Blackjack As A Playboy Bunny

Actress Carmen Electra put on a playboy bunny suit to support celebrating Playboy's fifty-fifth year this weekend. The fashion model who's engaged to guitarist Rob Patterson, put on the sexy skimpy attire for a guest showing as a Celebrity Dealer at the Playboy Club at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. An informant stated, "Afterone day of dealer education and licensing with the Nevada Gaming Commission, Carmen was a dealer for blackjack all evening long. "She appeared to be unquestionably loving her newest job." Carmen also has a new nude showing for Playboy magazine's coming January issue. Carmen modeled naked for Hugh Hefner in 1996 and 1997 and once again this year. I appeared in Playboy magazine for the first time in 1996. "I believe there is a freedom in removing your clothes and modeling."

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jessica Simpson Promotes Perfume Line

With her singing contract reportedly in doubt and dangling by a string, it adds up for her to invest her time in side undertakings. Jessica Simpson the well-endowed singer-turned-designer went to Macy's in California this weekend to promote her latest fragrance collection, Fancy. She also made a point the result would soon not be forgotten by showing off her bosom pluses to lucky photographers. The spicy getup reflected Jessica's 'sultry, flirtatious and detectable' description perfectly. One Jessica buff stated, "She has quite a sensible head on her shoulders. "She recognizes what her finest pluses are and acts upon them to her advantage." Jessica Simpson already has numerous fashion lines of products with her signature on them, including bathing suit's, purses, shoes, intimate apparel, garments, glasses and jewelry.

Tara Reid Checks Herself Into Rehab

Actress Tara Reid has signed herself into a rehab clinic in Calif., her representative has affirmed. The actress will spend Christmas Day and the New Year in the Promises Treatment Center in Malibu. The treatment she is seeking is not known. Her spokesperson states, "Tara Reid has signed herself into Promises Treatment Center. We treasure your respect to her and her family's secrecy at this moment." An acquaintance states Reid went into Promises this last Tuesday, "Her acquaintances and family are supportive of her decision. She signed in herself and it was her chose." Back in Oct of 2008, the former ill-famed party girl assured the media she was at present a "social drinker" after years of excessive drunkenness. And she took a firm stand she was never enticed to slide backwards to her previous, wild ways: "No. I've done it. Believe me. I have done plenty for a lifespan of everything. I have had an outstanding time. I partied. I had fun. I ate and drank whatever. I went out with a million guys.
Editor's Comment: Why would someone brag about going out with a million guys?

Friday, December 12, 2008

Jennifer Aniston Poses In Her Birthday Suit For GQ magazine

She perhaps is almost forty only Jennifer Aniston is for sure not displaying her maturity. The actress is appearing sexier than ever in this virtually sensual photograph snapshot of all time. Attired in a tie, and nothing additional, the 39-year-old flashes her toned up and suntanned torso for the front page of the Jan edition of American GQ mag. It is hard to withdraw your eyes away from gorgeous Jennifer since she models provokingly with her legs crossed and her hands crossed over her breasts and her striped tie hanging down. The front page of this edition inquires, "Is it merely us or is Jennifer Aniston becoming a knockout?" We were believing precisely the same way.

Did Anne Hathaway Scene Go To Far

A mischievous dancing shot in the recent motion picture, "Bride Wars" had to be deleted when Anne Hathaway carried it a trifle too far. The actress chose to experience a bit of fun with her dancing partner, not recognizing that the movie camera was still shooting. She answers, "My favorite section of the picture got cut out of the film. At the close of it I ran towards my partner and I executed a handstand at his feet and draped my legs about his head and drew myself upwards and so he took hold of my butt. "I spread my legs open, into a V, and I said, "F*** me!" Co-star and producer Kate Hudson takes a firm stand the X-Rated shot will be one of the outtakes on the DVD.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Shania Twain Has An Unexpected Dating Partner

Shania Twain gives triggered off accounts she's going out with the married man of the woman her ex-husband is supposed to have experienced an involvement with after the secret gentleman was seen escorting the singer about New York and was identified as Patrick Thiebaud. Shania broke up from husband Robert 'Mutt' Lang in May coming after his disclosure that he was romancing the pair's longtime secretarial assistant Marie-Anne Thiebaud, who was the handler of their Swiss estate. And it seems the 2 distressed exes have molded an exceptional friendship after Thiebaud's hubby got together with the country singer for a trip to New York. The couple reached New York's JFK Airport on Thursday. The sighting follows barely weeks after Twain attained her 1st public performance since the break up - at Nashville, Tennessee's Country Music Association Awards.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pamela Anderson Tries To Hide Her Modesty

The onetime Baywatch actress on her way to a yearly event at the Art Basel in Miami donning solely a hat, tee shirt and a match of decorated panties. Pamela then continued to "flirt with" gatherers by repeatedly crouching over and coming forth with such affirmations as: “I would like to purchase something only I do not have any income. I am broke.” Subsequently a couple of moments of snuggling pictures and smooching artists, she exited holding hands with celebrity photographer David Lachapelle.
Editors comment: When it comes to modesty Pamela sure isn't afraid to express it.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Kate Winslet Defends Sex Shots In New Film

Oscar winning actress Kate Winslet has fought back regarding the controversial sexual activity settings in her recent motion picture "The Reader". The actress stars in the character of a onetime Nazi concentration camp guard, who ventures on a passionate involvement with a younger gentleman incognizant of her shadowy past.
The sticky shots sported in the motion picture have pulled in unfavorable judgment with a few believing it trivializes the genuine horror of the Holocaust. Only Winslet is adamant they were necessary for the plot. She stated to a New York newspaper, "There's a bunch of nakedness to begin with. Merely it is 100% warranted. Besides, the relationship isn't all but sexual activity. It is more or less how this young man studies her beautiful tales and poems."

Paris Hilton Trying To Release A Record Album

Heiress Paris Hilton is experiencing troubles with her 2nd pop record album and she is unable to get hold of a record label wanting to come out with it. "The heiress launched Heiress Records, a sub-label of Warner Bros. Records, in 2004 and brought out her self-titled introduction album, "Paris", under that recording label in 2006.
The LP attained number 6 on the recording charts, only before long dropped off and sold merely 180,000 copies in the United States. She later on departed ways with Warner Bros. Hilton has completed taping a 2nd record album, only presently has no record business deal in place to release the follow-up. She states, "I am figuring it out right now. I am not certain which recording label I am coming out with." "I composed all the songs."

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Jennifer Aniston Tells Media To Back Off About Pregnancy

Jennifer Aniston states she is prepared to become a mother, only she dreads the celebrity magazines have destroyed her moment. The actress, who's presently going out with rock 'n' roll musician John Mayer, is imploring newsmongers and editorialists to hold back prematurely declaring her maternity, since she desires the well-chosen news to personify a big deal once she in time does get to be mom. She informs a celebrity magazine, "It is more or less taking away the happiness from really being able-bodied to tell one day, "I am pregnant!" "Everybody will probably say, "Sure, right." It is the boy who yelled wolf. Quit thieving my thunder, mother [bleep]!" "I sense as if pregnancy is in my time to come and I am upon the brink of it somehow."

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Kevin Federline States Britney Spears Initiated The Divorce

Kevin Federline never desired to split up with Britney Spears, and takes a firm stand the singer proceeded without him knowing, to mastermind their separation. The onetime professional dancer who's 2 kids, Sean Preston and Jayden James, with the singer, retaliated later on after she claimed in a MTV documentary that it was his chose to break up. Only although Federline acknowledges he discovered married life hard after the deliver of their kids, he's adamant he desired to get it to work out, only Britney fought for a split up. He tells a celebrity magazine, "it is difficult enough to be in a marriage, and so deliver a child, then children, it alters everything. For me, I would become more interested with my kids. Not that I brushed off Britney, only my children are all of the time most crucial. "I imply, we were experiencing problems. I did not afford her an ultimatum, only I was attempting to work things out with her, and she did not even speak to me or anything and filed for a divorce. I was entirely devastated." Federline in addition to disclosed he was frightened he would never see his boys once more after the break up. The professional dancer nevertheless cherishes his onetime wife though and vividly recalls the ill-famed evening in January that concluded with Spears in a hospital subsequently due to an evident collapse. Federline states: "That whole thing is a blur. You would like to discuss among my most dispirited details of depression, that was in all likelihood among them. I was really concerned for her since I care about her."

Jessica Alba Steps Out To Model For A Calendar

Jessica Alba will personify flashing her post-baby torso in a new Campari calendar. The sexy actress has modeled for top lensman Mario Testino in a form-fitting black swimsuit and evening attire, and the prime pictures will be sported in the special edition 2009 calendar. The actress, 27, delivered an infant girl Honor Marie Warren in June, and acknowledges the opportunity to model for the pictures represented a welcome respite from the norm: "it is nice to dress things up and look sophisticated and sexy."

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nicole Kidman Promoting A New Film

Nicole is on a promotional circuit for a heroic motion picture, traveling to Paris the capital of France in the beginning of this week for a news conference accompanied by her husband Keith Urban and her daughter, Sunday Rose. In the motion picture, which delivered lukewarm reviews by critics, she acts as a pent-up, aristocratic Englishwoman pressured to join up with a tough farm worker, played by Hugh Jackman, to keep her ranch. The actress, whose persona is fluent and sophisticated, enjoyed acting the harsh outside scenes. "I became pretty effective at carving cattle, and I enjoyed snapping the cattle whip! she stated. It is a backbreaking thing for an adult female to do, only I managed it." "I enjoyed being muddied. I enjoyed being sweaty in this motion picture, and I enjoyed snapping that stock whip!" she stated. Nicole lately disclosed she plans to slow up her career and center on motherhood. "In my teens and my twenties I needed to alter the human race." "At present I would like to keep revealing a few beautiful stories. Only more of me embodies around simply getting to my household."

Paige Peterson Beats Up Her Boyfriend

Model-turned-actress Paige Peterson spent her Thanksgiving Day holiday in a jail cell after she was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor domestic assault and battery last Thursday. Peterson is reported to have beaten-up her unknown boyfriend at their Hollywood dwelling on Thursday evening and was arrested by California police officers at around 5pm local time. Police sources lay claim Peterson was "hollering, kicking and combative" after she was locked away, and an internet site lays claim her conduct was so unfit, she had to be cuffed to the bench in the jail cell. Peterson, whose beau wasn't hurt in the incident, was still behind bars.
Editors Comment: It seems that some people need to think about a Violence Against Peoples Act. I believe that most hollywood supporters believe only in a Violence Against Womens Act.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Does Paris Hilton Think Dating Is Gross

Paris Hilton has conceded that she is not geared up to depart from her ex-boyfriend Benji Madden all the same. The pair broke up 2 weeks ago, after their love affair that endured 9 months. And Paris states she unquestionably does not desire a new man, in spite of having many offers to go out on a date. Paris who established her new perfume Fairy Dust just this past week, disclosed: "I do not have going out on my psyche in the least. "Only the idea of going out with somebody new freaks me out. "No way."