Saturday, December 6, 2008

Jennifer Aniston Tells Media To Back Off About Pregnancy

Jennifer Aniston states she is prepared to become a mother, only she dreads the celebrity magazines have destroyed her moment. The actress, who's presently going out with rock 'n' roll musician John Mayer, is imploring newsmongers and editorialists to hold back prematurely declaring her maternity, since she desires the well-chosen news to personify a big deal once she in time does get to be mom. She informs a celebrity magazine, "It is more or less taking away the happiness from really being able-bodied to tell one day, "I am pregnant!" "Everybody will probably say, "Sure, right." It is the boy who yelled wolf. Quit thieving my thunder, mother [bleep]!" "I sense as if pregnancy is in my time to come and I am upon the brink of it somehow."

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