Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jennifer Aniston Has A New Boyfriend

Jennifer Aniston has been rumored to have met a new gentleman by eating out with Bradley Cooper on Thursday night.The pair, who entertained one another at the premier party for Aniston's recent motion picture "Management" in the beginning of this month, were seen at a amorous Manhattan Italian restaurant Il Cantinori. An associate diner says, "It was a date." Cooper, 34, of late disclosed accounts he was just about to become Aniston's next beau were "flattering." And it appears dog-lover Aniston is the complete mate for the actor. Bradley was questioned what he searches for in a partner, Cooper stated, "sense of humor, an outstanding personality, intelligence, inside and outer attraction she's to accept my dogs. My dogs and I come together. " Aniston has 2 pet dogs of her own, Norman and Dolly. Her one time former boyfriends include John Mayer and Vince Vaughn. She was wedded to Brad Pitt.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cameron Diaz Not Anxious To Have Kids

Cameron Diaz might not ever chill out and begin a family, since the world "does not demand any more children". The Hollywood actress, who lately broke up from British model Paul Sculfor, is adamant marrying and bearing babies has never comprised high on her list of precedences. While she comes near her 37th birthday in August, Cameron acknowledges she might never become a mother. She stated to Britain's Cosmopolitan magazine: "Women are afraid to articulate that they do not desire kids since they are going to get casted out. "Only I believe that's shifting also at present. I have a lot of girlfriends who do not experience having children than those that do. And truthfully? We do not demand a lot of children. We have a great deal of citizens on this planet." Only the actress isn't rejecting maternity completely: "I do not recognize what's going to come about, I may wind up adopting six children, or I might be the future 'octomom'."

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Eva Longoria Can Heat Up The Moment

Eva Longoria appears gloriously well-kept both front and aft while she flashes her body alongside a vacation yacht. The Desperate Housewives actress exhibited her sea pectus as she was relishing a stint. And then she appeared rear-ly attention-getting, adapting her two-piece thong since she skipped back on deck after a plunge in the waters off St Tropez, to the south of France. Only the American sweetheart was heedful to cover up with sunscreen while she absorbed the rays of light with basketball player husband Tony Parker. They're on a European break where they've traveled to Rome, Paris, Vienna and Cannes.

Christie Brinkley Won't Get Married Again

Onetime supermodel Christie Brinkley has pledged away matrimony after her messy split up conflict with ex-husband Peter Cook. Brinkley, who was likewise wedded to rock 'n' roll musician Billy Joel, has been married 4 times and immediately takes a firm stand in that respect will not be a 5th ceremonial occasion. She states in the approaching issue of Ladies' Home Journal, "I'd never wed once again. With what I experience I do not visualize how come anybody would marry. Only she sums up, "I completely confide in genuine love and I believe mates had better keep their love time and time again." And Brinkley states to a magazine she's all the same sensitive after her public split up conflict with Cook, who betrayed her with an adolescent helper. The fashion model acknowledges she's humiliated by the degree of promotion the courtroom fight encountered: "I sense as if I ought to apologize to everyone for them being forced to read entirely that cheap material, and getting it handed over to their kitchen tables while their children are about."