Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Sex Tape Of Britney Spears Reportedly By Adnan

Britney Spears paparazzo ex boyfriend Adnan Ghalib is seeking to cash in upon his onetime affair with the singer, by marketing away a sex tape recording allegedly sporting the star.
The British photographer went out with Spears off and on for many months during the prior year, and lays claim to be in ownership of a video recording in which it shows she has nothing on except for a pink wig. The couple of hours long recording was allegedly taped when the pair was on vacation in Mexico, merely days Spears was hospitalized following a stand off with City of the Angels police force while she declined to turn over her boys to ex Kevin Federline after a scheduled visit.
Rumor has it that Ghalib is at present anticipating to attain revenue from his time with Spears, only will get into particulars more or less about the alleged sex tape recording for "the correct monetary value." He states, "There's a tape, but I won't talk about costs for certain reasons. Unless there has been a locked-in deal, I'll say nothing further."

Monday, September 29, 2008

Paul Newman Has Died At Age 83

The screen celebrity died Friday September 26, 2008. He will long be remembered for his film contributions throughout the years. May he rest in eternal peace.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Heather Locklear Arrested For Suspicion Of DUI

Heather Locklear was apprehended by police on suspicion of driving under the influence of an unknown controlled substance in theaffleunt Santa Barbara region, authorities stated Sunday. Locklear, 47, was forced over by a Calif. Highway police officer Saturday afternoon after a resident described witnessing the actress departing a parking area and "driving unpredictably," a police representative said. The police officer detected Locklear's automobile parked on a freeway and blocking off a lane in Montecito, an affluent residential area approximately ninety miles northwest of the City of Angels. "In communicating with her, the police officer decided that she appeared to be under the influence of something," Marshall alleged. Locklear was brought to the police headquarters, where she was screened for alcohol and drugs. Heather wastaken into custody at seven p.m. on suspicion of driving under the influence of prescription medicine. She was afterwards let go from being detained.

Scarlett Johansson Gets Married

Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds have gotten married. The pair got hitched this weekend, according to spokesperson Meredith O’Sullivan. She didn't supply any inside information. A celebrity website reported on its internet site today that the small-scale wedding ceremony came about at a holiday resort outside Vancouver, British Columbia. Invitees included Ms Johansson’s mother, Melanie Sloan, and her brother, Adrian Johansson. The pair proclaimed their engagement in May. “We are only relishing our time,” the actress stated the prior month. “We are just recently, real recently, engaged. Therefore, you recognize, we are merely sitting back and relaxing. And we have no large plans as of yet. Simply it’s a blast and we are merely savoring our time to be young and engaged.

Is Julia Roberts Pregnant Again

Reportedly rumors are floating around that Julia Roberts is pregnant again. After finishing dinner at a trendy eatery with her sister Lisa, the Pretty Woman actress was cautious to hide her midsection from the photographer's cameras. Julia became popular acting as a prostitute who won the affection of Richard Gere in the 1990 motion picture Pretty Woman only was herself unlucky in finding love for a lot of years. She has been connected to Liam Neeson, Dylan McDermott, Kiefer Sutherland, Matthew Perry and Benjamin Bratt. She married country vocalist Lyle Lovett in 1993 after a 3 week love affair but the married couple merely held out a couple of years. In 2000 Julia started an involvement with cameraman Daniel Moder who split up with his wife and got married to Julia a couple of years later on. The pair became the parents of twins Hazel and Finn in 2004 and added son Henry 3 years later on.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Does Drew Barrymore Have A New Boyfriend

Drew Barrymore has set off recent romance rumors after she was seen kissing Ed Westwick at a recent Kings of Leon concert in New York City. Accounts indicate the couple got together for a "complete session" at the band's Webster Hall appearance on Tuesday night, prior to going to a nearby bar together. An eyewitness told a celebrity website: "Drew was hanging completely all over Ed. There was definite chemistry." Sources claim it is the 2nd time newly-single Barrymore, has savored the companionship of the 21-year-old British television star. The pair also passed Saturday night together, at a different New York hot spot. Drew recently broke up from boyfriend Justin Long.

Jessica Alba Strolls On The Beach In Cabo

Yes, the Jessica Alba sweetheart is formally back to her identical best, her super-toned, voluptuous body as portrayed working upon its charm in Cabo San Lucas. Her hordes of manly supporters have overlooked the knockout prancing about in a petite two-piece these preceding few months. Today hopefully she will be compensating for forgotten time and we will be catching a great deal more of her. Although Jessica and husband Cash Warren have openly uncovered having a lot of kids is on the schedule. Jessica stated: "I would like to have as many kids as my body will tolerate and I would adopt if I still desired additional kids later on.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Heidi Klum Wants More Children

Victoria Supermodel Heidi Klum is prepared to enlarge her family unit, asserting she would like to have at any rate one additional kid with husband Seal. The mother-of-three has two kids with the vocalist, Henry, 3, and Johan,1, as well her 1st kid, 4 year old Leni, brought forth by Formula 1 top executive Flavio Briatore. Only she questions the size of her family unit will equal that of Hollywood super parents Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who have 6 children.
Klum states, "That I forever place my family 1st. My love, Seal, is number 1 and so our kids are right behind him. I do not believe that anything is more crucial than them. We may have an additional one or two children. I am not certain we will keep up with Brad and Angelina though." Seal and Klum got married in 2005.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gwyneth Paltrow Loves To Cook

Gwyneth Paltrow declines to employ a personal chef to prepare her family's meals, asserting she arranges it herself. The actress disregards the celebrity movement of employing a cook for the family since she enjoys providing meals for her husband, Coldplay rock 'n' roll musician Chris Martin, and their two kids. She tells a celebrity website, "I prepare all the meals for my household. I truly love to prepare meals.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Does Miley Cyrus Have A Fashion Model Boyfriend

And as he models in his drawers in a photograph for undergarment retailer International Jock, it's not hard to see what she envisions in fashion model Justin Gaston. The couple got together earlier this year as Justin, a wishful country singer, was a contestant on television talent hunt Nashville Star, which was hosted by Miley's father Billy Ray. Miley's spokeperson goes on to state the couple are good "acquaintances" nevertheless they appeared really tight when they departed from church yesterday. All right, thus he's young, in shape, tall, handsome and a church member. Does he have any faults?

Kate Moss Would Rather Party Then Be With Her Boyfriend

Party gal Kate Moss has broken up from her rock and roll guitar playing fellow after her rampant life style demonstrated being a bit much for him. Afterwards on a night out, Kate appalled onlookers by flirting with a mystery man who was handing Kate her own individual lapdance. “Kate is gutted since she genuinely loves Jamie. They had even discussed matrimony and children. “Only she isn't prepared to alter her lifestyle and in all likelihood never will. I question any man could put up with her since that is who she is. “Jamie stated to her he was disgusted with her hesitation to cease partying and she simply flipped out. They simply can not agree on that and it had become a bit much.” Kate and Jamie got together last Sept, barely after she and Pete Doherty broke up.

Paris Hilton Wants You To Know She Works Hard

Paris Hilton is fed up with being forced to fend for her career and takes a firm stand she's a backbreaking worker in spite of her persona as a pro party animal. The hotel heiress acknowledges the most bothersome misconception people believe for the most part about her is that she does not do work for a living. She states: "I'm virtually leading a vast corporation. I have my apparel lines, my bubbly, my watches, shoes and handbags and dog apparel and every kind of merchandise you are able to envision. "I'm acting in motion pictures. I'm doing my record right now, producing, starring in a television program. Therefore it's a 24-hour, seven day-a-week line of work. I do work day in and day out, so I laugh as I discover people don't believe that."

Friday, September 19, 2008

Is Jennifer Aniston Dating An Older Gentlemen

Jennifer Aniston has not had the best of fate with men, only Jennifer Aniston is demonstrating no signals of giving up on discovering Mr Right. It was reported she was relaxing along a Mexican beach and becoming really friendly with a secret older gentlemen. Donning a skimpy bikini, Jen appeared to be very relaxed in his company as they chew the fat with buddies over lunch. He's a bit older then her most recent beau, pop singer John Mayer, whom she broke up with last month after a four-month love affair.

Nicole Richie Fuming At Joel Madden

Nicole Richie reportedly left her lover Joel Madden, as rumored by media reports. A celebrity magazine lays claim that Nicole raged out of their family dwelling after a "caustic battle", reportedly hollering "we are through!" Prior to deciding to take infant Harlow to remain at her mom's. She then came back the following day. An informant told the magazine, "This was her means of directing Joel a message." The pair are thought to have a troubled relationship and have been arguing for awhile. They're seldom seen together and just last week Nicole was depicted as being fuming after discovering rock 'n' roll musician Joel was seen getting near actress Mischa Barton at a MTV VMA after-party. Mischa Barton had recently broke up with a different rock 'n' roll musician, Taylor Locke, and according to the magazine was "dancing temptingly for Joel".

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mischa Barton Trying To Hookup

Mischa, who of late broke up from her pop singer beau Taylor Locke is distinctly set to place the past behind her. The OC star expended a full 60 minutes wiggling before Josh at the nightclub, and evidently created an effect as they both headed up to his hotel at the remainder of the night. Not to paint a picture that anything materialized between the highly fine-looking and unmarried couple, and Mischa in fact returned back to her own hotel 60 minutes afterwards. The actress, 22, appeared dire to affect Josh at the Temperley afterparty at Bungalow 8 when she came in. Hartnett, whose silver screen acknowledgments include Pearl Harbor, is in London to act as Charlie Babbitt in the Apollo Theatre's production of Rain Man. Josh, 30, was sitting down with Kings Of Leon drummer Nathan Followill and appeared more concerned in his conversation than the prancing sweetheart. An informant stated, "Josh appeared pretty tired and was completely neglecting Mischa. She persevered though, and continued becoming nearer and nearer to their table although dancing provokingly." "Plenty of girls were trying to get close to their table, as the 2 guys were boozing champagne and vodka cocktails. Mischa delivered a great deal to compete with, only she did not drop out."

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Richard Gere And Debra Winger To Do Broadway Play

debra winger Richard Gere Richard Gere is in negotiations to reunite with former co-star Debra Winger on Broadway who once performed together in "An Officer and A Gentleman". Gere is the favorite to substitute Bill Pullman in the forthcoming revitalization of 'Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?' Paired together with Winger,as announced by FoxNews.com. Pullman was pressured to get out since another reported programing engagement. If Gere assumes the character, it will represent his 1st Broadway play since he came out in 'Bent' in the first half of the 1980's. The play is founded on the former 1968 motion picture, which starred Spencer Tracy and Kathryn Hepburn as the worried parents of a young lady who comes home with a black doctor as her groom-to-be. Amanda Bynes is reported to play the daughter in the remake.

Jessica Simpson Wants People To Know She Works

Singer Jessica Simpson is positive she did the correct move by going back to her southern origins and leaving City of the Angels behind, since her devotees had disregarded how come she was renowned. Simpson left behind Hollywood for a living outside of the snapping photographic cameras to dwell in her native Texas and follow up on her country music vocation in Nashville, Tennessee. She states: "I believe people drew a blank that I really work. That I do not merely depart to Starbucks and pump gas. I have attempted to remain away from Los Angeles as very much as conceivable." And the singer takes a firm stand the move has likewise assisted her getting more relaxed in her own skin. She contributes: "I believe that without the paparazzi you are able to be yourself, since you do not feel as if they are attempting to acquire the snapshot as if you have gas or something or as though in that very instant you detest everyone."

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Family Comes First According To Jennifer Lopez

And Jennifer Lopez lays claim the twins' arrival caused her to recognize that her career will forever follow 2nd to her family. She states: "There are times on enormous highs, and so in that respect there are times you are below the radar for a bit but, you rise back up. That's simply part of personifying a creative person. You will deliver that record album that makes it, and you will experience that record album that will not. "Nothing personifies as significant as Marc and the children, which removes an enormous sum of pressure off work. While it is merely your work, if that's not proceeding comfortably, and then everything's messed up. Just as long as this (my family life) is blending in substantially, everything else will be all right."

Did Lohan Punch Photographer In The Nose

Actress Lindsay Lohan reportedly tussled with a lensman out of doors in front of a New York hotel, subsequently blaming the photographer of creating her to fall. It is described that what actually occurred is she went over a metal block off when she went into the exclusive Bowery Hotel on Sunday night. According to a media source, Lohan turned and plugged one photographer upon the nose, believing he had purposely made her to loose her balance. She was then reportedly was discovered conversing to an acquaintance on her cellular phone, stating, 'Oh my God! I just now punched a paparazzi!" Police are reported to have been phoned to the site, only no charges were registered. Is this a complete loss of control and an act of violence? Or is this just another case of photophobia?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Nicole Richie Is Rumored To Have Broken A Fan's Camera

It is rumored that Nicole Richie clashed with a fan out of doors at a New York nightspot, according to reports. The socialite allegedly got furious while a vacationer tried to acquire her photograph when she departed after a party at a Country Club, hosted by Mark Ronson's clothes designer sis Charlotte as a contribution of New York Fashion Week. It was reported by a New York gossip column that Richie assumed this as an infringement and allegedly destroyed the young lady's photographic camera. An informant recounts that, "A young, Swedish vacationer was attempting to acquire her photograph. Richie hollered: 'I am not an animal' and then bounded across the velvet rope, pulled the photographic camera away from the young lady's hand, and allegedly shattered it when throwing it to the ground." A spokesperson for the celebrity coulded be contacted for a remark. If this is true, is this a complete loss of control and an act of violence? Or is this just another case of photophobia?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Jessica Alba To Play Math Whiz In New Film

Just shortley after giving birth to her baby girl Honor, Jessica Alba is coming back to the workplace, to act as a math mastermind in a new film. Three months after she received her 1st baby with hubby Cash Warren, Alba has contracted to star in 'Invisible'. She will act as "a young lady who's backed out from the human race and is devoured by numbers and mathematics," reports Daily Variety. Alba acquired the character role subsequently when 'Ugly Betty' dedications pushed America Ferrera to get out. The 27-year-old is likewise developing to repeat her character in a continuation to 2005 film 'Sin City'.

Keira Knightley Strikes Out Verbally At Photographers

Keira Knightley shouted out at paparazzi photogs who take after her, as excessive attention isn't beneficial for her motion picture career she claims. The actress asserts the greatest celebrities are scarcely ever imaged publicly, and that over-exposure of Hollywood A-listers puts people off from attending their films. She lays claim a few photogragphers intentionally cast insults at her to attempt to elicit a response and acquire a dearer picture. She alleges,"I recognize that I'm really fortunate, just occasionally the encroachment is a really predatory push. While you're departing out your front entrance and paparazzi who are a lot larger than you are calling out: 'you are a whore' to attempt and make you cry - that evidently isn't outstanding. "I'm assured by many paparazzi who come after me that they're aiding my career only, along that reasoning, Paris Hilton ought to make up the largest ticket office take in the world and she is not." And Knightley contributes: "It is not beneficial for any celebrity once your life becomes the story since, in your roleplaying work, you're attempting to tell another story. "To a larger extent, there's real evidence that whenever celebrities get a bit much attention, people simply do not go and attend their movies. That kind of over-exposure is something to be suspicious of."

Lauren Conrad Has Contracted A Book Deal

Celebrity Lauren Conrad has reportedly contracted a book business deal for a serial publication of new adult fiction novels. The actress, has joined up with publishing company HarperCollins since the serial called L.A. Candy, which will be broadly established on her "changeover from regular gal to recognizable face." Conrad states, "I have forever enjoyed books that hold my interest, ones that would carry me to a different place, but featured personas I could pertain to. I am so charged up to accept this chance to compose books like that for other subscribers." A representative for HarperCollins asserts the business deal with Conrad is already making waves in the literary world, "I have never encountered afresh project bring forth noise like the instant conversations that sailed through our work areas around this business deal. Conrad's 1st book in the serial publication is due to arrive on shelves the following summer.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Are Jessica Biel And Justin Timberlake Photophobic

Jessica Biel was incriminated of viciously chewing out a fan for acquiring a snap shot of her and her boyfriend Justin Timberlake at a Los Angeles bar. The actress and her vocalist boyfriend reportedly inquired if they could be changed to the very important person room at Southern Hospitality, forgetting that a group of Memphis devotees would not acquire the chance to mix with their idol Justin. When the star pair got up to leave, a lot of beefy bodyguards sprang into the bar and asked all merrymakers “remain wherever you are, do not proceed, keep open this path”, according to devotee Sahara. The group asked if they may get their photo taken with the Cry Me A River sensation – only the reply comprised of “a strict NO”. The star pair then came out and rapidly got out of the place, only not before one of Sahara’s acquaintances aimed a photographic camera at them and photographed the granitelike faced couple. Sahara stated to Perez Hilton: “Jessica halted in her tracks, swings around, and sounds out to my friend (really loudly and completely trying to make a scene), ‘That was ruuuuuuuuuuuude!’ Still while there were 6 paparazzi out of doors!” The young lady took a firm stand that the incident, linked with the couple's frigid approach towards the public on Wednesday night, has put her off of being a fan of Justin and Jessica for a lifetime. A spokesperson for the actress has so far not commented on the supposed fracas.

Is Celebrity Miley Cyrus Dating Cody Linley

Miley Cyrus rendered rumors she's going out with associate teenage sensation Cody Linley, subsequently when the couple was seen departing the actor's Los Angeles residence during the night. In past times Cyrus has conceded her infatuation on the 18-year-old, who acts as her love interest in the television program 'Hannah Montana'. She formerly stated: "He is a lot fun to watch. He truly is amusing and earthy. And he's red-hot!" Linley was going out with 'Camp Rock' actress Demi Lovato till their late break up - and rumormongers claim that the 15-year-old Cyrus has swooped on the newly-single hunk. They were photographed as Linley drove the couple away from his Los Angeles domicile on Sept 2nd. A passerby states: "Cody opened the door of his Mustang for Miley, who bore an immense grin on her face. She could not maintain keeping her eyes away from him." Only Linley asserts he and Cyrus are merely good acquaintances: "She came by, and Miley, my roommate and I altogether painted. We splatter-painted.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jessica Alba Is Trying To Encourage Others To Vote

Jessica Alba has posed for a whole lot of sexy photos in the past, but nothing as extreme as this. Additionally, it is not even for a men's magazine. The actress is reportedly going to pose in bondage attire on behalf of a political campaign to promote Americans to vote in the approaching presidential elections. Jessica stated: "If you do not register and vote and create a difference of opinion, and hopefully alter the bad affairs that are coming about in our nation, you're basically just bonding and gagging yourself."

Meg Ryan Opens Up About Break Up With Dennis Quaid

Reportedly actress Meg Ryan had a guilty conscience concerning her split up from Dennis Quaid, yet she was just partly to fault. Ryan discloses it was not until afterwards of their 10-year marriage that she discovered inside information of Quaid's so-called unfaithfulness, contributing that she faulted herself for the couples break up long after their legal separation. She states "while the woman betrays, it's the woman's mistake. While the man betrays, it is the woman's mistake." The star takes a firm stand she felt like "a crimson woman experiencing a foolhardy involvement that ruined my marriage" subsequently being lashed out by the media for drifting apart from actor Quaid with her "Proof of Life" co-star Russell Crowe. While she stays hushed on many of the particulars, Ryan did reveal, "The fact is I had a really perplexed marriage in which the final few years I have befuddled numerous people. "I am not concerned in opening up my marriage, I simply sense as though every once in a while you have to complete the gaps for people. We are not friends in reality, just that we're friendly."

Monday, September 8, 2008

Britney Spears Takes The Honor At MTV Awards

After her fatal return endeavour at the MTV Video Music Awards a year ago, Britney Spears took the event on Sunday, acquiring the 1st three "Moonman" figurines of her life history. The pop vocalist, whose life history has gotten dwarfed in current years by a litany of personal sufferings, brought home the honors for video recording of the year, best pop video and best female video, entirely because of the song "Piece of Me." "I am in shock right now," the 26-year-old starlet stated, after accepting for the 3rd time to receive the sought after honor for video recording of the year.

How Much Is Hulk Hogan Really Worth

It appears the one time realty show couple, Hulk Hogan and his alienated wife are haggling more or less about how much net worth the renown wrestler is worth. According to fiscal affidavits registered in divorce court, Hogan lays claim his net worth is thirty-two million dollars; his wife says it's twenty-six million seven hundred thousand dollars. Hogan, whose actual identify is Terry Bollea, states that he's dropping $38,000 a month on legal fees. Linda Bollea reports dropping $7,000 on clothing, $7,500 on housemaid help and approximately $1,700 on jewelry every month. It appears that some like to spend alot of money!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Jessica Simpson Sings To Audience Without Barfing

Jessica Simpson was so anxious at a hearing party for her late country record album, she admonished guests that she may barf. The star executed completely the tracks of the new LP 'Do You Know' for two hundred record public figures at Nashville, Tennessee's Shermerhorn Symphony Center last Thursday. Afterward going onstage with a backup band consisting of 3 acoustical guitars, a bongo drum instrumentalist and a fiddler, Simpson sounded out, "thanks so very much for coming and for giving me an opportunity. I want you to feel what my heart and soul has been experiencing the last few years. "I'm a bit uneasy. If I vomit, I am regretful." While she came through the performance booking, an eased Simpson proclaimed: "I did not puke!" Simpson's country introduction 'Do You Know' will arrive at stores this following week.

Cameron Diaz Is On Edge After Hearing Shots Fired

Cameron Diaz appears to have been on edge and had gone into hiding shortly after a man was shot out of doors at the nightclub House of Blues in Los Angeles. While this was going on Cameron was working her way through the cocktail menu. The adult male who was shot lived but left Cameron a nervous wreck. After listening to the rapid fire of shots and watching the sequence of squad cars and ambulances which occupied the streets outside the ritzy establishment, Cameron, 36, made up her mind that she would prefer to eat her own food than embark out into the meanspirited streets of Los Angeles once more. Therefore she's confined herself up in her residence until her hands stop trembling.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Christina Aguilera Will Be At The MTV Awards

Britney Spears might not sing at this weekend's MTV's Video Music Awards, only Christina Aguilera will. Talking upon the backlot of the Paramount Studios in Hollywood, Brand kidded with Aguilera, who came forth from a limo. Aguilera will unite with additional top-name performing artists, including the Jonas Brothers, TI, Pink, and Kid Rock, honors host, British comic Russell Brand proclaimed. Aguilera boasted her approaching appearance as her 1st telecasted public presentation since delivering her son Max in January.

Kirsten Dunst Has Writer Removed From Film Stage

It has been rumored that actress Kirsten Dunst reportedly banished a writer from the stage set of her recent film after he allegedly picked apart her performing ability. The British novelist Toby Young composed the book upon which the actress' recent movie, "How to Lose Friends & Alienate People," is founded, and Toby Young traveled to the stage set on numerous occasions. And during his 2nd visit, Young alleges that he brought forth remarks seeing Dunst's performance to a producer. That interchange reportedly contributed to the actress demanding film honchos to ban Young from the studio. Toby states , "She caught me rendering the producer a reference on her carrying out a specific part in the film. At the time, I did not look upon it as an unfavorable judgment, to a greater extent only as a helpful piece of advice, and the producer considered it that way. "Only Kirsten caught this exchange and construed it as a charge more or less of her performing ability. It was after this, evidently, that she took Bob (Weide, the director) to one side and inquired if I could be sent away at some distance in the future. "Bob followed through with this order with a lot of tactfulness. I did not recognize it, but he carried through Kirsten's commands."

Anne Hathaway Looks Stunning At Venice Premiere

Anne Hathaway bedazzles fans upon the red-carpet at the Venice opening of Rachel Getting Married in an awe-inspiring ballroom gown. The asymmetric wearing apparel she picked out for the Venice premiere of Rachel Getting Married sported wrappings of chiffon, pleats and immense roses. The Get Smart actress, who acts as the plucky sister of the bride in the motion picture, smiled and expressed joy with the audience and still acquired a camera of a pleased fan to acquire a photograph of the 2 of them. Comparable to her role in the motion picture, Anne will not be walking down the gangway anytime presently. She of late broke off from realty developer Raffaello Follieri, who's looking at going to trial because of fraud.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Jessica Alba Who Looks Better Then Ever Flys With Honor

Jessica Alba has returned to her sexiest former self by posing on the magazine cover of Czech Esquire. The actress knockout just had a baby just under 3 months ago but still appears in topnotch form once more. Along with husband Cash Warren, she brought infant Honor on her 1st family jaunt of late, flying to Denver, Colorado. And it seems as though the sensational actress had some concerns or so taking her infant on an airplane. Jessica wrote about this on her web log: "it is forever stressful for new parents to fly with their baby since you never recognize if you are going to wreck everybody else’s flight with a crying infant.

Keira Knightley States Forbes Is Wrong On Her Earnings

Keira Knightley has laughed away a magazine publisher article saying she was the 2nd highest-paid Tinseltown star in 2007. The actresse's earnings were broken down by editors at Forbes. The report laid claim Knightley shoveled in thirty-two million dollars in 2007 from her part in ticket booth hits "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" and the "Atonement," in addition to publicizing endorsements for Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle fragrance. Knightley represented the lone British actress to attain the Forbes top ten, simply she asserts the magazine publisher estimates are erroneous. She states, "According to Forbes magazine, I brought in thirty-two million dollars last year. Regrettably, no (it is not honest)." Nevertheless, when inquired for the actual amount, the actress declined to reply, shortly answering: "[Bleep] off."

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Kirsten Dunst Laughs With Justin Long

Kirsten Dunst didn't go to rehab to fight a drug problem but to fight her depression. What finer path for Kirsten Dunst to overcome her depressive disorder fiends than to go out with a comedian actor? Sexy Kirsten who went into rehab in February to fight her sadness, partook in laughing and intimate glimpses with actor Justin Long on a luncheon in the City of Angels. Dodgeball ace Justin is no alien to famous personal romances, having broken up with Drew Barrymore in the beginning of this summer after a one-year fling. And the geeky entertainer for sure displayed no signs of uneasiness since he jeered his way through his date with Kirsten at the Chateau Marmont hotel.

Katy Perry Denies Conflict With MTV Awards

Pop singer Katy Perry has retaliated back at stories she looked at calling off her public presentation at the approaching MTV Video Music Awards after network executives declined to promote her as the opening number. The "I Kissed a Girl" hitmaker has been proposed for multiple honors at the event on Sunday after the naughty melody moved her to stardom. Only according to a New York newspaper source, she was discovered "sounding off that she was not expected to open at the VMAs since her song is also provocative." A representative for the singer has struck back at the stories, contributing Perry was "accused falsely" and will be playing at the appearance, although not as its first number.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Paris Hilton Loves To Party In Las Vegas With Nicky

It seems that a close informant to Benji revealed: “He was truly disgusted that Paris was reportedly flirting and seen with other men, only his position is, good riddance to her if she's actually cheated on him.” In a relationship face-off, the informant mentioned Benji declined even to go into their Los Angeles residence and as an alternative took a firm stand they meet at a at a hotel for talks. Subsequently an undetermined Benji in agreement to try one last time. Only Paris was said to be “really broken up” by rumors she had been seen entertaining other gentlemen. Therefore she flew to Las Vegas with friends to drown out her sadnesses. Paris Hilton spent time in Las Vegas savoring a nighttime away with her sis Nicky. The couple, Paris and Nicky, had originally opened up a new Japanese eating place called Yellowtail prior to winding up at Pure nightspot where they were caught dancing along to an older Britney Spears song, Slave 4 U.

Natalie Portman Receives Humanitarian Honor

Actress Natalie Portman accepts being acclaimed for her humanity part at the Venice Film Festival in Italy, she's been bestowed with the Motion Picture for Humanity honor. The 'Closer' knockout, being at the event to advance her directorial introduction 'Eve', got the 1st receiver of the Kineo Italian Motion Picture awards honor on Sunday. In acknowledgement of the 27-year-old's charity work, she additionally obtained a $50,000 check, which Portman donated to the Tacare Girl's Scholarship Program of the Jane Goodall Establishment, a not for profit establishment involved in training and wildlife research work in Tanzania. Taking on the honor, she stated: "The Jane Goodall establishment performs unbelievable work in Tanzania, a country which is really environmentally impacted. I truly treasure this honor." 'Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street' lay out fashion designer Dante Ferretti was likewise praised at the ceremonial occasion and was awarded with the Star of the Year honor.

Shannen Doherty Speaks Out Against Other Young Stars

Shannen Shannen Doherty has spoken out at Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, taking a firm stand they merit to receive damaging public press for flaunting photographers without donning on any underclothing. The 37-year-old actress was denounced an 'immoral girl' while doing her acting part on hit teenage television show 'Beverly Hills, 90210' on the peak of her performing career in the nineties. Only she asserts her own bizarre demeanor never equaled that of Spears and Lohan, who have been photographed in a series of photos without their drawers. She states: "You acknowledge, you roleplay a persona; folks comprehend you as that type. I reckon it implies I acted in doing my line of work. Just what did I do? I got out. I was 18-years-old! At eighteen, you are attending sorority parties. I merely did it in the public spotlight. "Ever since I was on 90210 it did not mean that I did not sustain my own real world undergoes. You've got to exist fairly normally." And Doherty alleges she's already established plans to locate far-off of the public eye, wherever she desires to begin a family. She contributes: "I am just a conventional human being who wishes to enjoy my pet dogs and ride my horses. I aspire of retiring in the south every separate day of my life nowadays. I am really considering places in Mississippi and Tennessee. I unquestionably desire to have a child. Or 2. Not certain about the 2."