Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mischa Barton Trying To Hookup

Mischa, who of late broke up from her pop singer beau Taylor Locke is distinctly set to place the past behind her. The OC star expended a full 60 minutes wiggling before Josh at the nightclub, and evidently created an effect as they both headed up to his hotel at the remainder of the night. Not to paint a picture that anything materialized between the highly fine-looking and unmarried couple, and Mischa in fact returned back to her own hotel 60 minutes afterwards. The actress, 22, appeared dire to affect Josh at the Temperley afterparty at Bungalow 8 when she came in. Hartnett, whose silver screen acknowledgments include Pearl Harbor, is in London to act as Charlie Babbitt in the Apollo Theatre's production of Rain Man. Josh, 30, was sitting down with Kings Of Leon drummer Nathan Followill and appeared more concerned in his conversation than the prancing sweetheart. An informant stated, "Josh appeared pretty tired and was completely neglecting Mischa. She persevered though, and continued becoming nearer and nearer to their table although dancing provokingly." "Plenty of girls were trying to get close to their table, as the 2 guys were boozing champagne and vodka cocktails. Mischa delivered a great deal to compete with, only she did not drop out."

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