Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Did Lohan Punch Photographer In The Nose

Actress Lindsay Lohan reportedly tussled with a lensman out of doors in front of a New York hotel, subsequently blaming the photographer of creating her to fall. It is described that what actually occurred is she went over a metal block off when she went into the exclusive Bowery Hotel on Sunday night. According to a media source, Lohan turned and plugged one photographer upon the nose, believing he had purposely made her to loose her balance. She was then reportedly was discovered conversing to an acquaintance on her cellular phone, stating, 'Oh my God! I just now punched a paparazzi!" Police are reported to have been phoned to the site, only no charges were registered. Is this a complete loss of control and an act of violence? Or is this just another case of photophobia?

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VidCrayzee said...

George Bush has something to say about Lindsey’s pugilist proclivities and Palin pounding. Check out the video here.