Monday, September 15, 2008

Nicole Richie Is Rumored To Have Broken A Fan's Camera

It is rumored that Nicole Richie clashed with a fan out of doors at a New York nightspot, according to reports. The socialite allegedly got furious while a vacationer tried to acquire her photograph when she departed after a party at a Country Club, hosted by Mark Ronson's clothes designer sis Charlotte as a contribution of New York Fashion Week. It was reported by a New York gossip column that Richie assumed this as an infringement and allegedly destroyed the young lady's photographic camera. An informant recounts that, "A young, Swedish vacationer was attempting to acquire her photograph. Richie hollered: 'I am not an animal' and then bounded across the velvet rope, pulled the photographic camera away from the young lady's hand, and allegedly shattered it when throwing it to the ground." A spokesperson for the celebrity coulded be contacted for a remark. If this is true, is this a complete loss of control and an act of violence? Or is this just another case of photophobia?

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