Saturday, September 6, 2008

Kirsten Dunst Has Writer Removed From Film Stage

It has been rumored that actress Kirsten Dunst reportedly banished a writer from the stage set of her recent film after he allegedly picked apart her performing ability. The British novelist Toby Young composed the book upon which the actress' recent movie, "How to Lose Friends & Alienate People," is founded, and Toby Young traveled to the stage set on numerous occasions. And during his 2nd visit, Young alleges that he brought forth remarks seeing Dunst's performance to a producer. That interchange reportedly contributed to the actress demanding film honchos to ban Young from the studio. Toby states , "She caught me rendering the producer a reference on her carrying out a specific part in the film. At the time, I did not look upon it as an unfavorable judgment, to a greater extent only as a helpful piece of advice, and the producer considered it that way. "Only Kirsten caught this exchange and construed it as a charge more or less of her performing ability. It was after this, evidently, that she took Bob (Weide, the director) to one side and inquired if I could be sent away at some distance in the future. "Bob followed through with this order with a lot of tactfulness. I did not recognize it, but he carried through Kirsten's commands."

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