Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Natalie Portman Receives Humanitarian Honor

Actress Natalie Portman accepts being acclaimed for her humanity part at the Venice Film Festival in Italy, she's been bestowed with the Motion Picture for Humanity honor. The 'Closer' knockout, being at the event to advance her directorial introduction 'Eve', got the 1st receiver of the Kineo Italian Motion Picture awards honor on Sunday. In acknowledgement of the 27-year-old's charity work, she additionally obtained a $50,000 check, which Portman donated to the Tacare Girl's Scholarship Program of the Jane Goodall Establishment, a not for profit establishment involved in training and wildlife research work in Tanzania. Taking on the honor, she stated: "The Jane Goodall establishment performs unbelievable work in Tanzania, a country which is really environmentally impacted. I truly treasure this honor." 'Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street' lay out fashion designer Dante Ferretti was likewise praised at the ceremonial occasion and was awarded with the Star of the Year honor.

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