Sunday, September 14, 2008

Keira Knightley Strikes Out Verbally At Photographers

Keira Knightley shouted out at paparazzi photogs who take after her, as excessive attention isn't beneficial for her motion picture career she claims. The actress asserts the greatest celebrities are scarcely ever imaged publicly, and that over-exposure of Hollywood A-listers puts people off from attending their films. She lays claim a few photogragphers intentionally cast insults at her to attempt to elicit a response and acquire a dearer picture. She alleges,"I recognize that I'm really fortunate, just occasionally the encroachment is a really predatory push. While you're departing out your front entrance and paparazzi who are a lot larger than you are calling out: 'you are a whore' to attempt and make you cry - that evidently isn't outstanding. "I'm assured by many paparazzi who come after me that they're aiding my career only, along that reasoning, Paris Hilton ought to make up the largest ticket office take in the world and she is not." And Knightley contributes: "It is not beneficial for any celebrity once your life becomes the story since, in your roleplaying work, you're attempting to tell another story. "To a larger extent, there's real evidence that whenever celebrities get a bit much attention, people simply do not go and attend their movies. That kind of over-exposure is something to be suspicious of."

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