Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Paris Hilton Loves To Party In Las Vegas With Nicky

It seems that a close informant to Benji revealed: “He was truly disgusted that Paris was reportedly flirting and seen with other men, only his position is, good riddance to her if she's actually cheated on him.” In a relationship face-off, the informant mentioned Benji declined even to go into their Los Angeles residence and as an alternative took a firm stand they meet at a at a hotel for talks. Subsequently an undetermined Benji in agreement to try one last time. Only Paris was said to be “really broken up” by rumors she had been seen entertaining other gentlemen. Therefore she flew to Las Vegas with friends to drown out her sadnesses. Paris Hilton spent time in Las Vegas savoring a nighttime away with her sis Nicky. The couple, Paris and Nicky, had originally opened up a new Japanese eating place called Yellowtail prior to winding up at Pure nightspot where they were caught dancing along to an older Britney Spears song, Slave 4 U.

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