Sunday, September 7, 2008

Jessica Simpson Sings To Audience Without Barfing

Jessica Simpson was so anxious at a hearing party for her late country record album, she admonished guests that she may barf. The star executed completely the tracks of the new LP 'Do You Know' for two hundred record public figures at Nashville, Tennessee's Shermerhorn Symphony Center last Thursday. Afterward going onstage with a backup band consisting of 3 acoustical guitars, a bongo drum instrumentalist and a fiddler, Simpson sounded out, "thanks so very much for coming and for giving me an opportunity. I want you to feel what my heart and soul has been experiencing the last few years. "I'm a bit uneasy. If I vomit, I am regretful." While she came through the performance booking, an eased Simpson proclaimed: "I did not puke!" Simpson's country introduction 'Do You Know' will arrive at stores this following week.

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