Friday, May 28, 2010

Alicia Keys Is Pregnant

Alicia is really "euphoric" to be awaiting the arrival of her 1st child and is marrying music producer Swizz Beatz - who she has been going out with since 2008. A spokesperson for the pair supported the happy news, alleging: "They're really pleased. Alicia is with the man who's inspired a great deal of her songs and her album 'The Element of Freedom'. The announcement came shortly after the couple who became engaged in January went to an event in London for the singer attended a charity event last night.It has not yet been announced the due date of the baby or if it will be a boy or a girl.

Joyce Dewitt sentenced for DUI

Joyce Dewitt star of three's company has been given 3 years of probation for a plea bargain connected to her 2009 DUI arrest in Los Angeles.The onetime Three's Company actress has likewise been penalized 495 dollars and directed to be present in a 9 month alcohol-treatment class. Joyce pleaded no contest to 2 misdemeanor counts of DUI and driving while having a 0.08 % or higher blood alcohol level. The 61-year-old actress was apprehended in July (09).