Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kim Kardashian upset regarding Reggie's Baby

Kim Kardashian is supposedly disturbed that her previous boyfriend is looking forward for the arrival of a baby with his current love. The reality TV star went out with NFL star Reggie Bush off and on for nearly three years and allegedly was dire to have kids with him and even though Kim has gone on and is at present with Kanye West, and the news that Reggie's girlfriend Lilit Avagyan is pregnant and is reportedly upsetting Kim. An informant states: ''Kim is really troubled that there are stories out there that Reggie has gotten Lilit pregnant. Kim had tried to encourage Reggie for a period of time to get married when they were going out with one another because she wanted to have a family with him. Reggie believed that Kim committed too much time on her celebrity status and reality television even though he wanted nothing to do with it. Reggie was a portion of the Kardashian household [for an extended period of time] and Kim has constantly kept hoping that they would end up united, even though she wound up marring Kris Humphries. ''Kim finds it like a smack in her face that Reggie could even consider having a child with this woman when he didn't with her.''Kim is alsosaid to be enraged that her estranged husband Kris - who she broke up with this past year after just seventy two days of marriage - is tying up their divorce.