Friday, September 19, 2008

Nicole Richie Fuming At Joel Madden

Nicole Richie reportedly left her lover Joel Madden, as rumored by media reports. A celebrity magazine lays claim that Nicole raged out of their family dwelling after a "caustic battle", reportedly hollering "we are through!" Prior to deciding to take infant Harlow to remain at her mom's. She then came back the following day. An informant told the magazine, "This was her means of directing Joel a message." The pair are thought to have a troubled relationship and have been arguing for awhile. They're seldom seen together and just last week Nicole was depicted as being fuming after discovering rock 'n' roll musician Joel was seen getting near actress Mischa Barton at a MTV VMA after-party. Mischa Barton had recently broke up with a different rock 'n' roll musician, Taylor Locke, and according to the magazine was "dancing temptingly for Joel".

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