Sunday, September 21, 2008

Kate Moss Would Rather Party Then Be With Her Boyfriend

Party gal Kate Moss has broken up from her rock and roll guitar playing fellow after her rampant life style demonstrated being a bit much for him. Afterwards on a night out, Kate appalled onlookers by flirting with a mystery man who was handing Kate her own individual lapdance. “Kate is gutted since she genuinely loves Jamie. They had even discussed matrimony and children. “Only she isn't prepared to alter her lifestyle and in all likelihood never will. I question any man could put up with her since that is who she is. “Jamie stated to her he was disgusted with her hesitation to cease partying and she simply flipped out. They simply can not agree on that and it had become a bit much.” Kate and Jamie got together last Sept, barely after she and Pete Doherty broke up.

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