Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lauren Conrad Has Contracted A Book Deal

Celebrity Lauren Conrad has reportedly contracted a book business deal for a serial publication of new adult fiction novels. The actress, has joined up with publishing company HarperCollins since the serial called L.A. Candy, which will be broadly established on her "changeover from regular gal to recognizable face." Conrad states, "I have forever enjoyed books that hold my interest, ones that would carry me to a different place, but featured personas I could pertain to. I am so charged up to accept this chance to compose books like that for other subscribers." A representative for HarperCollins asserts the business deal with Conrad is already making waves in the literary world, "I have never encountered afresh project bring forth noise like the instant conversations that sailed through our work areas around this business deal. Conrad's 1st book in the serial publication is due to arrive on shelves the following summer.

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