Thursday, September 11, 2008

Meg Ryan Opens Up About Break Up With Dennis Quaid

Reportedly actress Meg Ryan had a guilty conscience concerning her split up from Dennis Quaid, yet she was just partly to fault. Ryan discloses it was not until afterwards of their 10-year marriage that she discovered inside information of Quaid's so-called unfaithfulness, contributing that she faulted herself for the couples break up long after their legal separation. She states "while the woman betrays, it's the woman's mistake. While the man betrays, it is the woman's mistake." The star takes a firm stand she felt like "a crimson woman experiencing a foolhardy involvement that ruined my marriage" subsequently being lashed out by the media for drifting apart from actor Quaid with her "Proof of Life" co-star Russell Crowe. While she stays hushed on many of the particulars, Ryan did reveal, "The fact is I had a really perplexed marriage in which the final few years I have befuddled numerous people. "I am not concerned in opening up my marriage, I simply sense as though every once in a while you have to complete the gaps for people. We are not friends in reality, just that we're friendly."

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Mike said...

It's extremely difficult for a woman to accept the reality of a situation without her feeling she is doing something wrong. Meg has my wishes for a better life than the one she has had to experience.