Sunday, June 7, 2009

Christie Brinkley Won't Get Married Again

Onetime supermodel Christie Brinkley has pledged away matrimony after her messy split up conflict with ex-husband Peter Cook. Brinkley, who was likewise wedded to rock 'n' roll musician Billy Joel, has been married 4 times and immediately takes a firm stand in that respect will not be a 5th ceremonial occasion. She states in the approaching issue of Ladies' Home Journal, "I'd never wed once again. With what I experience I do not visualize how come anybody would marry. Only she sums up, "I completely confide in genuine love and I believe mates had better keep their love time and time again." And Brinkley states to a magazine she's all the same sensitive after her public split up conflict with Cook, who betrayed her with an adolescent helper. The fashion model acknowledges she's humiliated by the degree of promotion the courtroom fight encountered: "I sense as if I ought to apologize to everyone for them being forced to read entirely that cheap material, and getting it handed over to their kitchen tables while their children are about."

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