Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Shania Twain Has An Unexpected Dating Partner

Shania Twain gives triggered off accounts she's going out with the married man of the woman her ex-husband is supposed to have experienced an involvement with after the secret gentleman was seen escorting the singer about New York and was identified as Patrick Thiebaud. Shania broke up from husband Robert 'Mutt' Lang in May coming after his disclosure that he was romancing the pair's longtime secretarial assistant Marie-Anne Thiebaud, who was the handler of their Swiss estate. And it seems the 2 distressed exes have molded an exceptional friendship after Thiebaud's hubby got together with the country singer for a trip to New York. The couple reached New York's JFK Airport on Thursday. The sighting follows barely weeks after Twain attained her 1st public performance since the break up - at Nashville, Tennessee's Country Music Association Awards.

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