Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jessica Simpson Promotes Perfume Line

With her singing contract reportedly in doubt and dangling by a string, it adds up for her to invest her time in side undertakings. Jessica Simpson the well-endowed singer-turned-designer went to Macy's in California this weekend to promote her latest fragrance collection, Fancy. She also made a point the result would soon not be forgotten by showing off her bosom pluses to lucky photographers. The spicy getup reflected Jessica's 'sultry, flirtatious and detectable' description perfectly. One Jessica buff stated, "She has quite a sensible head on her shoulders. "She recognizes what her finest pluses are and acts upon them to her advantage." Jessica Simpson already has numerous fashion lines of products with her signature on them, including bathing suit's, purses, shoes, intimate apparel, garments, glasses and jewelry.

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