Saturday, October 3, 2009

Katy Perry Charms Russell Brand

Katy Perry is keeping quiet about going out with Russell Brand, even though it's been disclosed. The singer had taken off to Thailand on a romantic break away with Russell after tantalizing him with a photo of her bosoms after they came across each other at the MTV VMAs this past month. An informant stated: "While they were both in New York City for the music honors Russell at last got his opportunity to cultivate his appealingness on her. "Katy recognizes his bad boy reputation only she could'nt refuse, especially once Russell mailed her a romantic poem with a annotation attached telling her, 'Please return me a poem back.' "Russell could not cease laughing once Katy mailed him a photograph of her breasts with the word 'poem' scribbled over them. The following moment Russell lifted up the telephone and tempted her to Thailand for a private escape." Acquaintances have admonished Katy about the 34-year-old comedian's philandering ways but she's decided to make the relationship work out. The informant told a British newspaper, "in spite of his reputation, Katy believes Russell is so charming she would prefer to give matters a go with him. She believes he's hilarious and unbelievably sexy." The pair have at present came back from their travel, with Katy withdrawing to her Twitter page to spout out regarding the "magical" holiday.

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