Saturday, October 31, 2009

Miley Cyrus Worse Teen Celeb?

What's wrong in the world of teens, since they appear to have reversed their backbone on their heroic icon Miley Cyrus. Accounts are coming out that according to a teen poll done on the internet site, her audience appears to believe she's the sorriest famous person this year. It is shameful to see these 9-16 year-olds all of a sudden pointing this out, while they are the ones who've personified the Hannah Montana actress when she made her first appearance. At present, these teens are on the spur of the moment stating she's worse than Kanye West and also Britney Spears. We totally acknowledge how those 2 came into fame, only they can not perhaps be better than Miley Cyrus, can they? Although it appears as if the 16-year-old Disney star's fame is dwindling down, the reality is far from that. Her ranking in the voting isn't wounding her career, even while she's attempting so heavily to come out of that Hannah Montana persona to be more adult like.

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