Thursday, November 5, 2009

Paris Hilton Teaches Phone Etiquette

Paris Hilton has minimized accounts of a horrible battle with her fellow on Halloween, taking a firm stand Doug Reinhardt tossed her cellular telephone out of their limo window "by mistake." The pair attended the yearly costume party given by Heidi Klum and Seal in Hollywood on Saturday night, only they were described as having become entangled in a confrontation after they departed from the event. Spectators laid claim to have seen the couple squabbling, with one photographer stating to a New York newspaper, "She was irate. She sprang into the front seat and (Doug) was seizing her about the neck stating, 'relax, relax.'" The battle allegedly arrived at a climax once Hilton's cell phone was thrown out of their limosine window, resulting in the heiress roaming up and down the road searching for the device. But a representative for the heiress is adamant the incident was blown out of context," acknowledging Reinhardt threw the cellular telephone, but did not think it would go out the window.

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