Monday, November 9, 2009

Fans Upset With Britney Spears In Australia

Britney Spears is reported to be "highly disturbed" by accounts that some fans in Australia left the show because she was lip-synching. Reportedly some of her fans in Perth reportedly departed after just 3 songs, although Spears' promoter denies that. Reportedly she is doing fifteen shows in Australia as part of her 'Circus' world tour. Fans were upset regarding the high-dollar prices and "neutral" nature of the appearance. One concert goer claims, "It was so impersonal. She didn't even interact with her fans. One fan, who exited the performance early, stated, "they wanted their money back or for her to sing the right way. The ticket cost me $200." Political leader's in 3 Australian commonwealths, Western Australia, Victoria and New South Wales - have at once asked for new laws to have a disclaimer to reveal whether a concert will be live or mimicked in advance.

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