Sunday, October 4, 2009

Penelope Cruz Loves To Rope Dance

Penelope Cruz would like to set up ropes to swing around her bedroom. The star had to film a detailed song and dance rope act for her recent motion picture 'Nine', and in spite of damaging her hands on the set she would like to make the most of her training. Director Rob Marshall told a celebrity magazine, "The day we were filming her big act in the midst of the act she does this exercise with ropes and she was getting around on them and it was chilling and she had acquired calluses and her hands were bloody. "There is this vast sheath of pinkish satin she glides downward on. Once we completed the act she had vanished in back of the satin and was crying. I asked, 'Are you distressed with what you executed?' She sounded out, 'No, no, it's that it is ended and I enjoyed every moment. I wish to set up ropes in my bedroom then I do not have to relinquish it.' " Sophia Loren co-stars in the motion picture and she drew together so powerfully with Penelope, they were inconsolable at the final stage of shooting. Penelope has previously acknowledged she found out filming the motion picture a highly rewarding and excited undergoing.

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