Saturday, October 11, 2008

Eva Mendes Wanted To Be A Calvin Klein Model

Eva Mendes leapt at the opportunity to be a spokesmodel for Calvin Klein, since she was confident it would afford her career a large hike up. The actress is the expression of the fashion designer's recent underclothes chain. She filmed photographic print and television advertisements for the effort with fashion lensman Steve Meisel in the beginning of this year, but the promo, which finds the actress wiggling about bare-breasted, was viewed as overly sexy to be displayed television in August, and numerous networks declined to publicize the footage. Only Mendes, who stated Americans are too "straightlaced" for banning the advertisement, does not regret creating the sassy shoot since it carried out one of her adolescent ambitions, to succeed in the strides of Mark Wahlberg, whose hip-hop egotism was Marky Mark, and supermodel Kate Moss, who both darted to stardom as Calvin Klein fashion model's. She states, "I was raised up on those advertisements.

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