Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hayden Panettiere Uses Foul Language Against John McCain

Hayden Panettiere is not quite the soft and gentle person we totally considered her to be. As a matter of fact she is a brash, foul-spoken political militant who acknowledges she is “spicy enough” to seize our attention. While it had better be noticed Hayden’s snotty, profanity-laden ranting against US presidential nominee John McCain was made up exclusively for the intent of a comedy telecasting sketch and distinctly activated by her support for Barack Obama. The pro-Democratic actress in Hollywood yesterday placed her F-word dishonor on In the skit, she states, “I am raging plenty to acknowledge I have your attention for 30 seconds. “In that respect 3 things I believe every citizen ought to do, smoke cigarettes, vote for John McCain and do not put on a seatbelt.” Hayden then offends with an onslaught of curse word's, “John McCain, has had involvements with lobbyists, and so you will get f***** and he will get f*****. Everyone gains. Nobody f***s with John McCain.” But remember with a foul mouth like her's would she really make a good role model for your children? Would you really want to follow her advice?

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