Sunday, October 5, 2008

Eva Mendes Strikes Out At American Censorship

Hollywood actress Eva Mendes has thrashed Americans for exalting violence, although staying prudish on nakedness on the screen. The actress represented the center of contention last August, as an advertisement she shot for Calvin Klein was held overly sexy for American television and blackballed by numerous major networks. Eva has since took a firm stand that she's pleased with the promo, which caught her wiggling semi-naked on a bed. At present the actress has struck out at American censors for permitting bloodstained films to come out on television, all the same being too roughshod while it pertains to nude pictures. She stated to a media website, "I love my country, only I think that we're overly prompt to ban nakedness. We appear okay with fierceness, but nakedness we rush to criticize and ban. I am not at all ashamed or terrified about exhibiting my torso."

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