Monday, October 27, 2008

Vanessa Hudgen's Not Upset About Nude Photos

"High School Musical" actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens does not regret the world viewing nude pictures of her, even while the situation resulted in her being "stunned." The 19-year-old Disney actress and singer was worked over at the focus of universal contention while the entire frontal snapshots, which she evidently took to tickle beau Zac Efron, came out on the World Wide Web. Only in spite of the images destroying her honorable reputation, Hudgens asserts she's a big worshipper in destiny. She states to a media source, "I believe that everything comes about for a cause and I would not return anything that I have caused. I do not like discussing it since it personified something that was intended to be secret and I would all the same wish to sustain it as secret as I may." The big question here is if she wanted to keep them private? Then who had access to the photos to put them on the internet? See video below:

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