Friday, October 24, 2008

Katy Perry Does'nt Realize Britain Does'nt Like Knives

Katy Perry was condemned for modeling with a knife for a promotional photograph destined for her record album art. The pop vocalist applied a blade upward towards her face in a promotional flick for her release 'One For The Boys'. While the flick did not attain the last cut off for her LP sleeve, it caused angry anti-violence demonstrators in Britain, as London is going through a large amount of knife-related assaults. Richard Taylor, who's fought against knife law-breaking because his 10-year-old boy was knifed to death in the year 2000, stated: "This woman's conduct is unaccepted. She must be out of her psyche to model for a film like this. "There's nothing glamorous around knives - they bust up households. Whatever children seeing her will believe it's alright to carry a blade." The image was plainly meant to depict Perry as "uptight", according to informants on the film: "The knife film was executed to bring about Katy to a greater extent as a sexy, tougher edge. "Only finally it was not decided as a primary film for her record album or internet site."

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