Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Did Jennifer Lopez Have A Nervous Breakdown

Jennifer Lopez has uncovered she at one time experienced an anxiety attack that left her not able to verbalize or move. The Hollywood actress states she got to an erupting point in time in 2002, when shooting the thriller Enough. Jennifer Lopez stated to a celebrity internet site “There was a time while I was really overworked and I was making music and motion pictures and many numerous things. “I was hurting from a deficiency of rest. And I managed to experience a sort of anxious breakdown. I immobilized upon the stage. “Well, not on the stage, only in my trailer. I was as if, I do not want to move, I do not want to talk, I do not desire to do anything. “It was during that motion picture, Enough. Yes, I did. I had an anxiety attack.” Jennifer was transported to her automobile sobbing with a guard driving her to the physician, only she declined to take medicine. She states, “The physician said for me to return to work on Monday later on a weekend of sleeping because if I held off longer that I'd simply get more frightened about acting. “Indeed that's what I did. I have never been to a psychiatrist. I am not a shrinky individual.”

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