Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kate Hudson Has Unexpected Visitors At Her Party

Hollywood actress Kate Hudson's early Halloween party drew in a few strange invitees - a team of City of the Angels police reportedly pounced upon the party and told merrymakers to lower the noise level. Kate Hudson was dressed as a 1960s stewardess while LAPD police officer's reached her Brentwood, L.A. Mansion at 1am on Sunday morning (26Oct) to motion merrymakers inside the place and admonish them to hold the racket down. The bash comprised of Courtney Cox, attired as a witch, and hubby David Arquette as a warlock. Actress Winona Ryder went as a mouse, onetime supermodel Cindy Crawford showed up as U.K. hellraiser Amy Winehouse getup. Only it was three hundred star Gerard Butler who comprised the greatest hit at the party. An informant contributes, "Altogether the young lady's at the bash were lining up to speak to Gerard. He departed with two really sexy vampires."

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