Saturday, September 12, 2009

Megan Fox Says She Will Not Do A Sex Tape

Megan Fox will not be acting the lead in a sex tape anytime soon. The actress has promised not to record herself acting the feat because it will put her off nookie for a lifetime. Megan stated: "yuck, never! That's the final matter I wish to envision - what I appear like having sexual activity. "It would take one scene of me not appearing good and I would never have sex again, as I'd forever see myself appearing like a hippopotamus having sex." The actress likewise said she can not see herself disrobing for the screen and going naked in the name of her fine art. "Virtually all I have left are my privates and I do not need to share them with the human race. I would like to keep them secret. That's how come they are named that."

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TV Series DVD said...

I saw her interview and that is such a fabulous answer! Go Megan!