Monday, February 9, 2009

Jessica Simpson Gets Confused On Her Lyrics At Concert

Jessica Simpson dismayed her fans at a concert in Michigan last Thursday night with numerous onstage errors, with the wannabe country singer finally walking away in tears. The 40minute appearance was diffused with awkward mistakes that finally pressured her to say sorry to the onlookers. Reportedly she had to struggle with her in-ear sound monitoring devices during the musical entertainment and appeared to have lost her place in various songs, blanking out the lyrics to her late single "Come on Over." The singer likewise broke off during the introduction to her "Pray Out Loud" song asking her band to begin again prior to articulating silently the word "sorry" to the audience, telling the audience, "My voice is feeble this night." While presenting her ending song, "Do You Know," Jessica acknowledged wanting to leave the stage" and at the close of the performance, she gave thanks to her band for "accepting her back," before seemingly to have departed in tears. Jessica put the reason for her mistakes were caused by nerves and later on acknowledged she almost ended her singing vocation after the incident.

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