Sunday, February 22, 2009

Miley Cyrus Admits Her Feelings About Her Father

Teenage star Miley Cyrus states she's annoyed by people who believe there's something inappropriate with the attachment she has with her dad, singer Billy Ray Cyrus. "The celebity gossip informants have stated a lot of things about my father and me being overly close and in addition to being too cuddlesome for a father and a daughter," the 16-year-old actress-singer publishes in 'Miles To Go', a new memoir. "My relationship with my father is not uncanny the least bit." Cyrus's memoir, scripted with Hilary Liftin, will be released the following month by Disney-Hyperion Books. She doesn't cite straightaway last year'sphoto sitting for Vanity Fair magazine, as she's depicted leaning back against her dad, with his arm about her shoulder,with the two of them somber and bare-armed - a picture numerous people established as suggestive. Only she does write that she loves her dad and, isn't scared to demonstrate it, and "we don't allow other people to order us on what looks we're reckoned to feature on our faces when we take a photograph with each other!". Recognizing that popularity unavoidably draws unfavorable judgment, she drops a line of being offened by disparaging remarks published about her on the World Wide Web and reasons that some people are "so full of anger, hate and resentment."
Editors comment: There's nothing wrong with her expressing her true feelings about her father.

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