Monday, February 2, 2009

Have Jennifer Aniston And John Mayer Split Up

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer have reportedly terminated their relationship permanently, after the pop singer was allegedly seen smooching a different female. The pair features the center of developing gossip regarding the state of their relationship in late weeks, due to online newsmongers writing contradictory accounts over whether they've really splitup or not. Aniston and Mayer broke up at the close of last summer after many months of going out, only rekindled their romance in Oct, with the actress laying claim that they were not able to keep one's distance from one another after the separation. Only their love affair appears as if it may be over once more, according to a celebrity gossip magazine. The magazine lays claim that Mayer was witnessed savoring a cozy date with a adult female in Santa Monica, California on Wed night. An informant stated to the magazine, "They apparently were on a date. He went out with her a different time also and I have viewed them out together. He gave her a passionate kiss prior to them leaving.

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Anonymous said...

Funny. Apparently they were at a Superbowl party together. You guys just make this stuff up, dontcha?