Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jessica Alba Upset With Media For Disclosing Wedding Plans

Jessica Alba has sounded out at celebrity media pundits, charging the journalists for destroying her wedding declaration by reporting on her wedding ceremony prior to telling her parents. Alba wedded Cash Warren in a subdued ceremonial occasion at the Beverly Hills Courthouse in City of the Angels on May 19, only weeks prior to giving birth to the pair's 1st baby, daughter Honor Marie, in June. The actress was ravaged when news of the marriage leaked out and her mother and father had to find out about it from a news reporter. She tells a celebrity magazine: "The individual who assisted us in ratifying the marriage papers told the media that day, therefore my mother and father discovered it from a journalist before we reached them. We were preparing to take them out to dinner and let them know, but that got destroyed. "I was hurt, in all probability, than anything. It's not the 1st time something like that has occurred. News reporters feel ennobled to do whatsoever to get a stunning story, disregarding how it touches on the person affected. We are not actually people, right? We are only famous person's." And although Alba has consecrated not to allow the negative attention to burden her eight-month-old daughter, she acknowledges she's become ferociously caring of little Honor.
Editors comment: Just for curiosity have any readers remembered any negative attention when they were eight months old?

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