Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kate Hudson Denies Stealing Haircare Ingredient

Kate Hudson has replied back at accusations she stole the idea for a product line of hairdressing products.The actress was identified in a suit, registered in Los Angeles on Friday, which indicates she got hold of a sample handed to her by bosses at 220 laboratories and produced her own line of products with renown stylist David Babaii this preceding June. The product, David Babaii for Wildaid, makes up an eco-friendly accumulation of shampoos and styling products, which is supposed to hold a particular fundamental element (lava ash) which honchos at 220 laboratories lay claim represented their own confidential idea. Kate Hudson, Babaii and their current manufacturing business, Universal, have been accused of embezzlement of trade secrets, breach of contract, breach of confidence and fraud in the official documents. But a representative for the actress denies the claims: "Kate doesn't recognise the complainants and has never got together with them or talked with them. Her spokespersons think that the claims are groundless and without deservingness and (they) mean to vigorously oppose the suit."

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