Saturday, August 9, 2008

Eliza Dushku Loves To Hunt With A Bow And Arrow

Onetime "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" star Eliza Dushku has disturbed animal rights militants after she disclosed she hunts elk and deer. The star happily presented her bow and arrow accomplishments on late-night talk show "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on Wednesday and bragged about shooting down a deer in Oklahoma last Christmas. She likewise disclosed she was hunting for elk in Colorado when she acquired her part in the approaching television series "Dollhouse." Recognizing the studio spectators had turned on her over her deer killing antics, Dushku humored, "My mother phoned me herself and stated, what are you doing in Oklahoma shooting things." And while Kimmel took the star to task for her hunting remarks, she maintained her activities by revealing, "Whenever you're in a relationship with someone you have to, like, feel things that they do." She added, " plenty of individuals eat meat ... and I eat what I kill." Dushku's comments have infuriated People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals militants, who take a firm stand the star should put down her bow and stop hunting. A representative for the organization states, "Slaying bloodthirsty vampires on 'Buffy' is brave, but killing innocent animals where they live and nurture their families is terrible and savage. "Eliza is painfully out of pace with the rest of the nation; 95 percent of Americans contradict hunting."
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Anonymous said...

Leave Eliza alone! I'm behind PETA on "Some" things. But good greif. If they want to pick fights and say Eliza is some bad ass just because she hunts animals that can back the hell off!

If they are saying that it's wrong to hunt and kill animals for food.

What about predators? Huh, Tigers, Lions.. ect they kill animals for food.. They some times eat the animal before it's totally dead. Is that crule PETA?

When someone plucks a leaf or a flower, even a blade of grass, they're hurting the plant. Just because it can't scream in pain or cry tears. It doesn't have feelings. Bull Shit! We murder plants everytime we mow the yard or cut down trees.

Get off your high horse PETA if you're going to stand for rights of animals, of LIVING things. Then you need to include plants too!!

You Rock Eliza!

Anonymous said...

I am the same way about Eliza Dushku, LEAVE HER ALONE. There is know law against hunting. As long as she abides by the laws of hunting. That is what she does. Damn people making a big deal out of nothing.

slayerfox2009 said...

I agree it's her life she can do what she wants. You buy the meat which is as good as killing it so whats everybodies problem. Eliza ROCKS so just get off her back already, trust me she'll kick your ass.LOL..x..x..x..